Advert for car Purchase Toyota Hillux Vigo

Advert for car Purchase Toyota Hillux Vigo

Advert for car Purchase Toyota Hillux Vigo


Children’s Voice Today (CVT) is an organisation that was established to promote the rights of the child through meaningful child participation where children/youth initiate and lead all activities of the organisation (Child/youth led organisation).

With its mission, CVT is committed to be the voice of Rwandan children, to empower them to advocate for their rights and to fight against poverty.

To facilitate transportation in different activities, Children’s Voice Today would like to buy a car n Toyota Hillux Vigo. It will be used while going to the field to implement the activities and whenever it is needed for CVT staff to travel for work purpose.

The Toyota Hillux Vigo should have the following specifics:

•       Parishoke in front and behind
•       5 speed manual transmission
•       Seat belt on every seat
•       Power steering
•       Centralized air conditioner
•       Airbag (D+P)
•       Tank capacity 80L
•       Radio AM/FM/CD
•       It should not have been driven for 100,000km
•       Dieser Engine D4D
•       Boitte de vittense 5 na Marche arriere 6
•       Black in color (irange ry’umukara)
•       Should have a cab (yubakiye inyuma)
•       Should have 5 new tires (kuba yambaye amapine mashya)
•       Intermediary should be working ( kuba ifite intermidier ikora)
•       It should have new glasses( Kuba ifite ibirahure bizima bitangiritse)
•       Salon yimbere itarangiritse

Note: The Toyota Hillux Vigo should have been manufactured in the years 2010 or 2012 . If the supplier has the quotations for the Toyota Hillux Vigo for both years they should provide them.
The supplier should give the car when all the taxes have already been paid and should provide the soonest date possible when it will be delivered.


If you are the best supplier send the quotations with the year of manufacture and illustration of the car to, and bring hard copies in a sealed envelope to CVT office in Nyamirambo sector, Kivugiza cell, Amizero village. In case of any questions or concerns regarding directions please contact us on CVT number 0789003737 or 0788853615.

Below is an Illustration of the car


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