Job at BBOXX Capital Rwanda : Shop Manager (Deadline: 23 April 2018)

Job at BBOXX Capital Rwanda : Shop Manager (Deadline: 23 April 2018)

Job at BBOXX Capital Rwanda : Shop Manager (Deadline: 23 April 2018)

Job Description- Shop Manager

Title: Shop Manager

Reports to: Retail Supervisor

Location: Shop/ Not In Kigali

Purpose: To maintain the procedures and processes of the shop running smoothly.


  • General running of the shop and assisting associated staff in their work
  • Be a friendly, welcoming face for customers
  • Act as a helpful and informative first point of contact for customers
  • Communicate effectively with SAs, PPOs, Technicians and Hub staff
  • Manage small stock, arrange deliveries from Hub and transfers to other shops
  •  Cooperate with the Retail Supervisor
  • Inform Retail Manager of any suggested improvements to BBOXX procedures or processes

Description of tasks

  • Physically open and close shop each working day
  • Tidy shop and surrounding area daily to ensure presentable to potential and existing clients
  • Report daily to Retail Supervisor about day’s activities
  • Meet with Retail Supervisor weekly to update on progress and achievements
  • Manage and organize all documents used at the shop
  • Takes part in boasting sales in the shop’s region
  • Guides customers to the appropriate product based on client’s needs and desire
  •  Keeps stock organized to enable accurate counting and safe keeping of stock
  • Communicates to prevent stock outs upon stock shortages
  • In coordination with the Retail Supervisor, reconciles cash at the end of each day

  •  Handles cash and receipts with care
  •  Sends and receives products and other items between shops and hub along the logistics route

Person specification

  • Ideal candidate should have a diploma in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Social Sciences or any other related field and may have previously worked in any an administration or management position Desired skills include:
  • Strong customer focus
  • Excellent verbal communication, listening and phone skills
  • Ability to develop excellent product and process knowledge
  •  Strong multi-tasking
  •  Good motivational skills and enthusiasm
  • Ability to show understanding to customer needs
  • Proficient at using computers for reporting
  • Resilience when faced with stress; Positive attitude and energy
  • Organized and stays on top of things;
  • Good communicator.
  • Honest

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their applications to: before the Monday 23rd April 2018

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