Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE:Power Systems Planner Senior Engineer (Deadline:18/April 2018)

Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE:Power Systems Planner Senior Engineer (Deadline:18/April 2018)

Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE:Power Systems Planner Senior Engineer (Deadline:18/April 2018)


Job Description


Policy Formulation and Review
1).Support the formulation of policies in the area of power systems planning and development of modern technologies for Power Systems
2).Support the policy review process for system development and investment to support medium term and long
– term power system development
3).Propose inputs into the power systems development framework to ensure supply security and reliability
4).Secure the requisite resources required to ensue effective, efficient and appropriate policy
Strategic & Operational Planning
5).Provide inputs into long and medium term development plans for IT and other technical considerations for Power Systems infrastructure development in Rwanda
6).Lead the process of development of IT Systems for Power Systems component in the ESSP
7).Develop performance indicators to track progress in the delivery of modern and efficient r Power Systems section of the ESSP based on recognised regional and international benchmarks
8).Review and Monitor sector players’ operational and strategic plans to ensure overall alignment of plans at sector and national level taking into account regional industry developments
9).Work in liaison with the Regional Projects unit of the division to ensure that national plans and strategies are in synch with the overall regional projects development agenda to avoid system bottlenecks
Implementation Oversight
10).Monitor implementation of development of IT Systems for Power Systems interventions
11).Develop a framework for early detection and resolution of impediments to timely delivery of projects
12).Provide technical leadership to the staff in the Fossil Fuels unit, supervise their performance, conduct capacity assessment and in liaison with the HR department propose appropriate capacity building interventions
Stakeholder Coordination
13).Develop and maintain a framework to ensure effective coordination of ALL sector players and stakeholders with direct and indirect material interdependencies with IT Systems for Power Systems development, deployment and delivery
14).Ensure an effective reporting mechanism that informs ALL sector stakeholders with respect to progress of sector and national plans.
Research & Knowledge Management
15).Research to ensure current knowledge in IT Systems for Power Systems technologies
16).Benchmark with regional counterparts
17).Establish and keep current a Resource Centre for IT Systems for Power Systems technology literature
18).Plan, motivate and secure financing of research, skill development and training

Job Profile

A0 in Electricity Engineering, Energy Management, Electromagnetically Engineering with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Electricity Engineering, Electromagnetically Engineering


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

-Analytical skills and subject matter
– Capacity to work in a multicultural environmental
– Ability to work independently and make mature and proactive decisions informing management
– Knowledge and experience in operations of power plants, oil and refineries and funding for the energy projects.
– Knowledge to read interprete technical energy reports such as from geothermal drilling, hydrological data and technical feasibility reports
– Strong interpersonal and negotiating ability


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