Assistant Branch Manager at Sokowatch Ltd: (Deadline: 30 January 2021)

Assistant Branch Manager at Sokowatch Ltd: (Deadline: 30 January 2021)

Assistant Branch Manager at Sokowatch Ltd: (Deadline: 30 January 2021)

 Reporting to: Consumer Head/Country Head

Purpose of Job

Key Job Accountabilities

Launch store 1 and grow the bottom line by attracting and retaining customers.

1.Set up and launch of Kigali Store 1

2.Meeting and exceeding customers’ needs and expectations;

3.The development and management of a motivated, empowered, and customer-centric staff; and

4.The development and continuous review of the branch business plan.

Pre -Launch operations

  • Coordinating set up of Kigali store 1 with the different stakeholders.
  • Coordinating store launch plans with project consultant
  • Developing the final store basket for the launch of store 1
  • Market Intelligence to  support store strategy
  • recruitment and training of store personnel

 Post-launch operations

Customer Service

  • Attract and retain customers through the provision of effective and efficient internal and external customer service delivery processes and execution by the shop team

Retail Operations Management

  • Coordinate merchandise and display setup
  • Customer assistance and general service delivery
  • Accurate signage (aisle indicators, general store directions, entry, and exits)
  • Checkout of customers in a timely and friendly manner
  • Review of sales and expense results routinely
  • Provide weekly feedback on customer requests and market trends
  •  Provide weekly summary reports/critiques following major events, promotional programs, and seasonally
  • Strict Compliance with safety and security guidelines and standards to ensure cash, customer, staff, and company assets safety
  • General administrative duties (security, alarms, utilities, general housekeeping, and staff presentability)
  •  Timely shop and safe opening and locking
  • Daily safe money and bank slips reconciliation
  • Receiving and dispatching goods

Shop Floor Management: To ensure strict adherence to the shop operations procedures to ensure smooth floor operations and service to the customers

Back Store Management: To ensure FIFO standards, good stacking procedures, and stock holding levels are strictly adhered to.

Cash Management:  To ensure constant cash safekeeping and daily store cash banking

Advertising and Promotion

  •  Assist in the development of adverts for special events
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising
  • Develop promotional programs
  • Spend time with customers to promote sales
  • Create awareness to the customers about the current offers through special sales stickers, flyers, posters, and word of mouth)


  • Ensure goods ordering/replenishment is as per the company stock holding policy and the standard operating procedures
  • Ensure that ordered goods are delivered within the stipulated time by the direct suppliers

Expires Monitoring and disposal: Ensure close monitoring of goods aging report and a zero tolerance on expired products on the shop floor


  • motivate customer-centric employees
  • Training and development of customer-centric staff.
  • Time management, clocking in
  • Employee work scheduling
  • Performance management

Company policy and procedures education and general dissemination

Business development:

  • Identification of new business channels within the branch to increase sales

Budgeting (mainly of branch costs, staff costs, and sales projections) and monitoring of the same


  •  To ensure immediate and accurate information flow within the branch and from branch to head office.
  • communicate to customers on policy issues regarding service and operational processes.

Public Relations: To ensure proper representation of the organization within the locality by ensuring good spokesmanship with all public quarters


  • Ensure the scheduled weekly cyclic counts are done
  • Quarterly stock count to ensure adherence to below 0.09% cost of actual sales shrinkage amount

Market Intelligence: Ensure the weekly market intelligence with our competitors is done to ensure the branch remains competitive

Document Processing:

  • Ensure that all documents related to branch operations have been processed by the end of the day.  This is in regards to cashier reconciliations, banking slips, receiving documents

Key Performance Indicators

  • Branch strategy work plan: Monthly tracking of the branch targets and reporting of the same to Consumer head/Country manager
  • Business forecast: Weekly monitoring of the projected vs. the actual sales to ensure quick remedial actions are taken in cases of slackened business performance
  • Expense control budget: Monthly tracking of all branch budgets to ensure that the branch is within its set limits
  • Daily data processing of received goods into the system to ensure stock levels data integrity for proper daily  replenishment
  • Monthly budget reports
  • Weekly price comparisons with major competitors of our top 100 items
  • Daily online receiving of goods documents within the system
  • Daily tracking of outstanding goods orders with suppliers to ensure 100% delivery of goods
  • Daily  checks of the back store to ensure that the store management procedures are strictly adhered to
  • Daily staffing headcount checks via the clocking cards and physical checks
  • Weekly review of the staff reporting schedule to ensure proper resource allocation.
  • Monthly branch monitoring of shrinkage amounts (to be kept to below 0.09%)
  •  Monthly staff monitoring productivity i.e. Sales per employee
  •  Achieve the agreed key operations monthly targets i.e. Sales turnover of 100%, stock days of less than 21 days, Net margins (as per budget), and stock-outs of less than 1%
  • 24 hours clearance of all accounts related to receiving documentation

How to apply

Qualified candidates to send their applications to [email protected] clearing indicating  by 30th January 2021


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