Assistant Manager at Inkomoko, Rwanda (Deadline: 27 August 2021)

Assistant Manager at Inkomoko, Rwanda (Deadline: 27 August 2021)

Assistant Manager at Inkomoko, Rwanda (Deadline: 27 August 2021)

Job Requirements


Post-graduate education

Work experience:

18 months

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

About Us

Inkomoko is a business consulting firm that works with micro, small, and medium enterprises in Rwanda to develop powerful strategies to increase their profits, help them grow, and create jobs. Founded in 2012, Inkomoko identifies Rwandan and refugee entrepreneurs.

Inkomoko partners with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to offer online educational degrees to refugees in Rwanda. Since SNHU uses an online platform, it is essential that SNHU provides customers with the best user experience.

The Assistant Manager is a member of the lead staff at the SNHU assessment center, and is responsible for training and supporting a team of Reviewers, each of whom evaluates student project submissions using a pre-existing rubric designed specifically for each project.  The Assistant Manager is responsible for ensuring consistency of evaluations across Reviewers and providing direct feedback to Reviewers on their performance.  Also, the Assistant Manager is responsible reviewing their own caseload of student projects. The Assistant Manager will work effectively across teams and departments.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


• Provide day to day support and supervision to of a team of Reviewers

• Monitor and report on the weekly progress and areas of improvement of the assessment center and provide reports to SNHU as requested

• Consistently evaluate and conduct performance reviews of assessment center employees, both verbally and in writing as required for development as well as on a timeframe as requested by SNHU

• Other duties as required to ensure the success of the assessment center


• Implement quality assurance processes

• Support academic integrity validation

• Use rubrics and supplemental information to provide fair and consistent evaluations with

encouraging, specific, and actionable feedback

• Perform evaluations and communicate with students through a Learning Management System

• Respond to student outreach swiftly and return evaluations to students within 48 hours of submission

• Attend in-person, online video and telephone meetings with team members

• Protect student privacy

• Work in a team, both as a leader and active follower as required both in person and digitally

• Assess with integrity, honesty, and ethically

Minimum Qualifications:

• Master’s Degree or enrolled in a Master’s Degree program

• Proven ability to take initiative and build strong productive relationships

• Ability to Identify individual and team performance opportunities

• Demonstrated ability to be flexible/adaptable in exercising judgment in a dynamic environment

• Prior college-level experience with non-traditional and online learning preferred

• Knowledge or expertise in competency-based education

• Ability to score consistently using a rubric

• Skill working in an electronic management system

• An encouraging and respectful attitude toward all students and colleagues; “can-do” attitude

• Demonstrated level of English fluency at the academic/higher education level

• Ability to work collaboratively in a team setting

• Demonstrated fluency in use of technology, especially software applications

• Demonstrate ability to learn and utilize rapidly changing technological platforms

• Fluency in at least one or more East African languages (Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, French, Swahili) preferred


The Assistant Manager will be offered the minimum of a competitive salary, health insurance, paid leave (including sick, vacation, and maternity/paternity), and a one-year contract, renewable at the end of the contract period, depending on performance.

Cultural qualifications

Inkomoko’s core beliefs and values enable us to achieve our vision and mission. Our leaders embody the key tenants of the company’s culture. In addition to the skills above, all candidates must demonstrate our core values:

• Purpose: be solutions-oriented and produce high-quality work and be a global leader.

• Achievement: push yourself to reach beyond what you think is possible.

 Improvement: Be humble and committed to continuous learning and growing. Improve through giving and receiving open and accurate feedback

• Bravery: willing to take risks and create a safe space for others to take risks. Be compassionate and inclusive.

 Turikumwe (We are together): Take time to appreciate colleagues, celebrate success, and hold each other up in hard times. We eat goat.


. Fun, collaborative work environment that is driven by our values and mission

. Opportunity to work with a talented, passionate, and committed team of professionals

. Challenging work and the opportunity to grow and develop your skill

. Ability to make an impact and contribute to economic growth in Kenya

NB: We do not employ staff whose background is not suitable. All employment is conditional upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks.





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