Consultancy-Organizational Learning Specialist at RTI – RTI International: (Deadline Ongoing)

Consultancy-Organizational Learning Specialist at RTI – RTI International: (Deadline Ongoing)

Consultancy-Organizational Learning Specialist at RTI – RTI International: (Deadline Ongoing)


Rwanda Integrated Health Services Activity (RIHSA): Twinning Activity

Scope of Work

Proposed Consultant Position Organizational Learning Specialist
Proposed Dates August 1, 2022 – September 30, 2022 (renewable annually for one year, funding and performance dependent)
Country Rwanda
LOE 20 days
Technical Monitor Capacity Development Advisor, RTI
RIHSA Project Manager Taylor Williamson, Health Systems Manager, RTI



RTI International is part of a consortium, led by the Palladium Group, that works with the Government of Rwanda (GOR) to implement the Rwanda Integrated Health Systems Activity (RIHSA) with funding from USAID. GOR is currently seeking to secure financial protection and ensure equity in access to health services. RIHSA will support GOR with other stakeholders to achieve two objectives: 1) Increase financial protection by addressing barriers to domestic resource mobilization and health care financing and 2) Increase quality of essential health services at national and community levels.

RTI International seeks to fill a consulting position – Organizational Learning Specialist. The position is based in Kigali. The consultant’s work will interface with the project team in Kigali, the Ministry of Health (MoH), and remotely with the RTI project team based in the United States and Canada.

Support to District-level Twinning Activity

Improving the governance and stewardship capabilities of Rwanda’s District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) includes strengthening how government manage data to make high quality service and investment decisions. Rwanda’s Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) IV highlights the need to make HMIS data available at the district level to address quality concerns (8.6) and improve data demand and information use via “stimulating dialogue and actions based on evidence” (10.3). Current USAID efforts to strengthen data use for quality and governance focus on district oversight of health facilities, facility level planning, coordination, and peer learning between facilities.

RIHSA is currently building upon these efforts and GOR strategies by twinning DHMTs that are performing well in priority areas with those DHMTs that are encountering challenges in those same arenas by supporting peer-to-peer learning around the effective use health data to address priority challenge areas and support quality health service delivery in locally identified technical priorities. Through this Twinning Partners Network, DHMTs can share 1) learning across DHMTs and select hospitals; 2) experiences with instituting new mechanisms for using data in decision-making processes; and 3) novel data analysis or applications.

RTI International, a sub-contractor to Palladium on RIHSA, is seeking a well-qualified consultant to support RIHSA’s twinning activities. The consultant will work in collaboration with the larger RIHSA team and RTI home office staff to coordinate district-level twinning activities and provide technical guidance and support to ensure successful twinning relationships and district-level results.

During the period of performance, the consultant will:

  1. Work with RTI’s home office team and the local RIHSA team to provide facilitation and coordination support for RIHSA’s data use-focused Twinning Activity for 30 districts and 10 district hospitals in close collaboration with Rwanda’s Ministry of Health (MoH). Specific activity tasks include, but are not limited to: developing training materials, organizing in-person and virtual learning/knowledge sharing events, coaching key district-level stakeholders, coach key local stakeholders, and monitoring district-level progress.
  2. Provide on-site and local coordination of the DHMT-focused Twinning activities with support from the Senior Organizational Learning Consultant) home office leadership (RIHSA Project Manager, Capacity Development Advisor, and the Remote Organizational Learning Consultant).
  3. Ensure that the Twinning activity complements other RIHSA activities and contributes to key results in RIHSA’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning plan.
  4. Facilitate onsite and remote coaching support in each district to support twinning relationships and guide the twinning partnerships network that seed positive outcomes across twinned districts.
  5. Provide remote, follow-up, check-in, and coaching sessions with individual districts and twinned district teams at regular intervals.
  6. Design and facilitate learning events between districts to support cross-district learning for DHMTs.
  7. Work closely with RIHSA’s MEL team to continuously track and report agreed-upon twinning milestones, results, and success stories for all DHMT and hospital twinning partners network-related activities.

Consultant Qualifications:

  • Masters degree in public health or a similar field.
  • A minimum of 5-years health sector experience in Rwanda, preferably working at multiple levels within the health system (MoH, districts, health facilities, etc).
  • Experience designing, leading, and facilitating training workshops.
  • Experience working with HMIS data and data systems will be prioritized, though it will not be the sole focus of the twinning activities.
  • Experience working with Rwanda’s accreditation system, preferred.
  • Ability to work independently and move a project forward while collaborating with a larger project team.
  • Strong written and communication skills.
  • Fluency in Kinyarwanda, and either English or French.
  • Coaching certification, preferred.


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