Financial Management Specialist with level 3 And Echelon III at RWANDA FORESTRY AUTHORITY: (Deadline 28 January 2022)

Financial Management Specialist with level 3 And Echelon III at RWANDA FORESTRY AUTHORITY: (Deadline 28 January 2022)

Financial Management Specialist with level 3 And Echelon III at RWANDA FORESTRY AUTHORITY: (Deadline 28 January 2022)

Job description

• Coordinate the development, execution and monitoring of SPIU Project budgets.
• Participate in the development of key priorities and Action Plan of MINECOFIN SPIU projects;
• Participate in the budget preparation process of all projects;
• Coordinate the Preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly expenditure plans in collaboration with the M&E Specialist;
• Monitor projects’ budget execution rates and advice where need be;
• Receive and check all invoices, requests and prepare payment;
• Ensure timely preparation of periodic budget execution and financial statement reports;
• Participate in budget revision process of projects;
• Manage an effective financial management system for the SPIU and ensure that accounting and book keeping records are prepared and maintained in accordance with projects requirements as well as statutory and organization policies, chart of accounts, and related accounting standards, principles and practices.
Produce Periodic financial statements
• Prepare bank accounts reconciliation statements;
• Analyze financial statements for consistency
• Correct errors found in financial statements
• Consolidate project reports and the accounting information and populate the reporting format as provided by PAU.
• Follow up the approval of the project financial statements as per development partners reporting requirements were necessary.
• Follow up replenishment of funds from the concerned development partners;
• Ensure accounting coding and budgeting lines are correct: this includes verification of financial reports, expenses and supporting documents.
• Facilitate process of internal and external audit of different programs and projects under the RFA (SPIU)
• Record all project transactions properly in IFMIS and submit the monthly project consolidated report within the stipulated deadline;
Coordination of pay and compensation.
• Supervise the preparation of the project budget of staff compensation;
• Monitor the preparation of the salary payroll lists, fringe benefits of all concerned staff;
• Receive, analyze, find or propose solutions to the employees ‘complaints regarding remunerations.
Transactional cash management.
• Verify staff payroll for bank transfers at the end of each month;
• Ensures all invoices from external parties (contractors, suppliers, e.t.c.) are paid in due time, by bank transfer, cheque or cash and arrange those documents sequentially by date;
• Check and prepare payment documents for further processing;
• Attain and record all bank transactions, maintain bank accounts, ensure monthly bank statements and account overviews.
• Responsibility for the cash management: this includes regular daily cash counts, verification of balance of cash book and cash on hand, establishment and signature of cash count statements.
• Prepare cash calls, face forms from donors.
Operational Support.
• Ensure the preparation of monthly project inventory report and monthly inventory review;
• Ensure regular update and inventory of assets register for the project.
• Coordinate and monitor activities of the Projects
• Guide the identification of a development project.
• Coordinate the preparation of the development project budget.
• Review the development project and submit for approval
• Follow up with the donors to ensure timely cash replenishment
• Report to SPIU Coordinator.
– Ensure all books of accounts and records related to payments are proper filled and under safe custody;
– Ensure that all cheques are recorded in numerical sequence in the cheques payment Journal (CPJ)
– Ensures timely preparations of all financial reports (statutory, ad hoc and management accounts, including exception reports)
– to management and the Board;
– Record any taxes withheld and ensure its payment to the tax authority is done on time;
– Receive, verify and record all transactions related to payment based on GAAP applicable in the country;
– Perform regular reconciliation statement for all RFA accounts;
– Perform any other duties assigned by the Corporate Service Department, RFA headquarter.
– Report to SPIU Coordinator.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

    Experience: 3

  • Master’s in Finance

    Experience: 1

  • Master’s in Economics

    Experience: 1

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management

    Experience: 3

  • Masters in Management

    Experience: 1

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

    Experience: 3

  • Master’s Degree in Accounting

    Experience: 1

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

    Experience: 3

Competency and Key Technical Skills

  • Integrity

  • Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.

  • Inclusiveness

  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Client/citizen focus

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment to continuous learning

  • Resource management skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Decision making skills

  • Results oriented

  • Digital literacy skills

  • Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/or French. Knowledge of all is an added advantage


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