Human Resources Assistant at Rutongo Mines Ltd: (Deadline 29 January 2022)

Human Resources Assistant at Rutongo Mines Ltd: (Deadline 29 January 2022)

Human Resources Assistant at Rutongo Mines Ltd: (Deadline 29 January 2022)


Who We Are :

Rutongo Mines Ltd is a Tin Mining Company, situated in Masoro Sector, Rulindo District, Northern Province.

The Management of Rutongo Mines Ltd informs the public that it is recruiting Competent, Qualified, and Experienced staff for the following position:

4. Human Resources Assistant (1 Position )

  1. Position : HR Assistant
  2. Reporting to: HR Manager
  3. Contract Duration: 1 year renewable subject to a successful completion of 3 months’ probation period. Employment is expected to start in February 2022.
  4. Job location: Rutongo- Masoro  in Rulindo District
  5. Job brief for HR Assistant:   HR Assistant is responsible for assisting and supporting specifically the HR Manager and the Management in general with all HR Functions; including   development and updating of HR Policies and Procedures, Recruitment & Selection Processes, Training & Development, Performance Management Processes, Compensation & Benefits, and Employee Safety and Relations.
  6. Responsibilities: The HR Assistant has the following responsibilities and duties:

i.Supports HR Manager in the development of HR Annual Work Plan and Budgets
ii.Provides assistance in the development updating and follow-up on implementation of Company policies, procedures, and instructions.
iii.Creates awareness on Company HR Policies, Procedures, and Instructions  for compliance
iv.Coordinates the resolution of specific policy-related and procedural inquiries and problems in accordance with the Company Policy and Procedure.
v.Coordinates the Recruitment, Training & Development, Overtime work, leave plans and processes in the attached- to departments, and ensures their implementation.
vi.Coordinates the Onboarding and Orientation of newly hired employees (acquiring tools of work, PPEs,   filling of the personal information datasheet, and all acquaintance requirements) in accordance with the Company policy and procedure.
vii.Coordinates the Performance Management Processes in the departments s/he is attached to.
viii.Monitors the employees’ use of Time and Attendance Management System for the departments s/he is attached to; in accordance with the company policy and procedure.
ix.Coordinates and be the Secretary for all disciplinary actions in the departments s/he is attached to; in accordance with the Company policies and procedures.
x.Keeps tidy and safe all Employees’ records/files in the departments s/he is attached to.
xi.Takes an active role in creating a safe and healthy working environment.
xii.Prepares/Processes the payroll for the departments s/he is attached to (Time sheets collection, absences tracking & records, tardiness, salary adjustments,…),
xiii.Assists HR Manager with HR and Related Projects,
xiv. Give Quarterly HR Management Reports for the departments s/he is attached to,
xv.Carry out any other duties assigned by Management.

7. Job Requirements: The HR Assistant should have the following education, experience, and Skills:

i.Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field
ii.3 Years’ Experience in Human Resources Management Functions
iii. Communication Skills,
iv. Interpersonal Relationship Skills
v. Professionalism
viii.Integrity  & Honesty

Submission of Applications deadline

The deadline for Application is 29th January 2022 at 03:00 Pm.

The applications submitted after deadline will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

All applications should be sent to

For other inquiries please contact HR office on +250788889314

Done at Rutongo, on 15th January 2022


Julian Nixon

General Manager

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