Job at MINISTRY OF GENDER AND FAMILY PROMOTION: Financial management Specialist (Deadline: 19 July 2017)

Job at MINISTRY OF GENDER AND FAMILY PROMOTION: Financial management Specialist (Deadline: 19 July 2017)
Job at MINISTRY OF GENDER AND FAMILY PROMOTION: Financial management Specialist (Deadline: 19 July 2017)
Ensuring quality financial management of projects under SPIU in line with the public financial management and donor procedures, financial agreement and the project implementation manuals to ensure that financial arrangement support effective implementation of projects and generate satisfactory periodic financial reports. -Providing support to the Program Manager in all aspects of financial management with a view to ensuring transparent and efficient financial management system for the projects under SPIU. Specific Tasks/Key Deliverables The specific tasks/key deliverables for the Employee are summarised below: -Prepare unaudited periodic financial reports to be submitted to MINECOFIN and donors on a quarterly basis; -Prepare monthly withdrawal requests/applications including statement of expenditures to be submitted to MINECOFIN and donors; -Ensure that expenditures, including approvals for payments, budgets, and documentations, are in accordance with established procedures and ensure timely payment of suppliers; -Prepare the annual financial reports to be audited by both internal and external auditors; -Implement and update procedures manual (administrative, financial and accounting procedures, including improvements to the financial and accounting reports); -Provide bi-weekly updates on disbursement to the Program Manager and ensure an accurate reconciliation of bank statements; -Provide inputs for the annual work plans and budgets, prepare draft budget in close coordination with Program Manager and technical team; -Follow-up the processing of payments to goods and services suppliers, to ensure that they are promptly executed; -Establish and work with a network of stakeholders and partners related to finance (ensuring a regular link-up with MINECOFIN and BNR, and other stakeholders). -Ensure proper management of finance and accounting by controlling movement on accounts opened for projects in BNR. Follow closely the proper functioning of different bank accounts; -Follow up on the acquisition, allocation and record keeping of all assets acquired under the projects under SPIU and ensure that fixed asset registers are kept up-to-date. -Ensure that donor support missions, audit and evaluation recommendations related to financial management are implemented; -Perform any other duties in line with project activities that can be assigned to him/her by the Program Manager. Article 4: General obligations of the Employee The Employee is bound to the following commitments: -To carry out with diligence, zeal and loyalty the tasks included in this Contract and travel within and outside Rwanda if the accomplishment of the objectives in the contract or interest of the projects so require; -Apply the necessary care and skills at hand towards proper utilization of all resources belonging to the Employer (e.g. documents, materials and equipment ); -To conform to the professional obligations and avoid engaging in any activity that is incompatible with the duties described in Article 3 above; -To abide by the Rwandan laws and regulations and avoid engaging in corrupt tendencies

 Job Profile
A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Finance or accounting from a recognize university with 5 years of prior work experience. A master’s degree in accounting or finance with 3 years of prior work experience. Having relevant training and experience in accounting or finance professional qualifications such as CPA, CA, CSIA, CIMA and ACCA would be an asset. Prior experience in managing finances of public sector projects and with a proven experience in managing finances and procedures of donor funded projects preferably World Bank funded projects. Pratical experience with national legal provisions on public financial management. Experience in interpreting financial management reports, analyzing variations, plans, and determining remedial actions required. Knowledge of accounting, auditing and financial reporting system and software. Computer literacy and proficiency in Microsoft Office package. Excellent spoken and written English is required. Knowledge of Kinyarwanda and french would be an asset



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