Job at SDGC Africa: Public Health Specialist (Deadline: 27 July 2017)

Job at SDGC Africa: Public Health Specialist (Deadline: 27 July 2017)

Job at SDGC Africa: Public Health Specialist (Deadline: 27 July 2017)

Job Purpose

The Public Health Specialist / SDGs Advisor will assist The SDGC/A to build up the best practice in public health system in African countries aiming at curbing health challenges with regard to sustainable access and quality. To achieve this, the candidate will focus on: reviewing and updating existing health policies; establishing new policies as may be required; assisting in establishing or improving existing implementation coordination, innovate ideas and best practices in the field, strategies and processes in health sector across Africa.

Key Functions

To provide technical support, leadership and assistance on public health with focus on:

§ Linking African governments with key stakeholders in streamlining management, policies and financing in public health to ensure African communities enjoy basic rights on health services sustainably.

§ Advocating for The SDGC/A leading roles on best practices on public health accountability, policies and advocacy, programs designs and implementation involving channeling of funds, technical assistance and programs.

§ Leading technical support on public health policies, capacity building, supports and collaboration with/from bilateral and multilateral donors, UN agencies, as well as local and international NGOs and private sector institutions implementing activities in the health sector.

§ Liaising with health authorities/stakeholders at national, regional and African continent levels working in the public health domain to increase the awareness of best practices and support capacity building in health sector.

§ Developing, leading and ensuring the effectiveness of implementations of health policies, strategies and programs interventions, ensuring their consistency in Africa while optimizing the synergy of a programmatic continental approach.


§ Providing technical, policy, programmatic and administrative management of key components of public health sector in Africa as encompassed in the SDGs.

§ Reviewing, lobbying and advising on comprehensive public health management issues facing African governments to make sure SDGs health targets are met by 2030.

§ Leading studies/researches aiming at responding to challenges in public health sector across Africa with a particular focus on: service delivery (access and quality), infrastructure, financing and management.

§ Identifying gaps in public health policy, systems, processes and critical human resource capacity in Africa and advice governments on best practice to fill these gaps by 2030.

§ Developing appropriate public health policies and strategies to ensure effective response and management of public health concerns across Africa as per SDGs.

§ Linking The SDGC/A to ministries of health in Africa and coordinating key stakeholders (national, regional, continental and international) activity in the public health field, particularly in policy advocacy, capacity building and implementation of health programs.

§ Designing and defending Health Capacity Building Plan for Africa with implementation schedule and financing plan to ensure public health issues in Africa are well tamed in a streamlined manner.

§ Leading health technical experts and collaborators in the designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation activities with focus on: health systems; health governance; quality improvement; human resources and public financial management.

§ Representing The SDGC/A on donors’ technical and policy working groups with regards to: health governance, accountability, financing, innovative health programs and solutions.

§ Preparing concept papers for health financing, submitting and discussing them with various African governments / donors / beneficiaries / stakeholders on financing and implementation with a particular focus on achieving the SDGs targets by 2030.

§ Working with SDGs Advisors on drafting and reviewing Implementation Letters (ILs), Collaboration Papers (CPs) and Memorandum of Understating (MOUs) on public health issues in Africa with emphasis that The SDGC/A takes big roles by leading all agreed programs.

§ Working with universities and other research centers in The Center’s efforts to resolve the existing and other unknown health challenges.

§ Publishing findings on public health researches, success stories and reports.

Required Qualification & Skills

§ Master’s Degree or above in Public Health or above or similar relevant post-graduate degree such as nutrition, public administration, social science, or other field related to public health.

§ Sound understanding of global public health issues and health systems strengthening in African countries.

§ Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience working with international organizations or African states in health policy, strategies, programs and capacity building.

§ Demonstrated technical experience and expertise related to research, policy analysis and formulation, advocacy and programs interventions is strongly desired.

§ Familiarity with global health issues in development countries with a particular focus on Africa is a must.

§ Preferred strong written and oral communication skills both in English and French (ability to use other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish or Arabic is added advantage).

§ Ability to communicate/present complex technical information to a variety of audiences and stakeholders including senior-level managers, clients, etc.

Essential Qualities

§ Excellent advisory, policy formulation, planning, communication and supervisory skills.

§ Recognized training and health education skills to differentiated beneficiaries/users using modern technology and software.

§ Excellent skills in conducting research, writing proposal and reports including different donor/stakeholders’ materials

§ Intrinsically motivated, a decisive, visionary, innovative and strategic person with conviction to achieve SDGs.

§ Good organizer, able to plan and adapt well to changing situations and solve problems effectively with less support.

§ Ability to work and communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds, and fosters team work.


§ Designed capacity building plan, health intervention mapping, situational analysis, authored African public health reports for realizing SDGs Agenda by 2030.

§ Established partnerships/collaborations with key stakeholders and African governments to tackle challenges in public health.

§ Commissioned and published ‘think pieces’ and ‘best practice’ papers for handling the SDGs’ complex issues with focus on public and community health in Africa.

§ Health Capacity Building and Financing Plan for Africa Report.



How to apply:




How to Apply




To apply, please send your application package to [email protected] stating on subject line “Application to Public Health Specialist / SDGs Advisor” and where you saw this job advertisement. Your application package should be either in word or pdf format file and include the following:





    1. A cover letter describing in full how you meet the candidate profile;


    1. Detailed, full and most updated curriculum vitae;


    1. Full names with titles and contacts (telephone and e-mail address) of three referees – referee will not be contacted without your prior permission; and


    1. Scanned copies of your academic transcripts.

Please note closing date for receipt of application is: Thursday, July 27, 2017.


Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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