10 Job Positions at Kirehe District : Midwives (Contractual Staff) (Deadline: 26 October 2018)

10 Job Positions at Kirehe District  : Midwives (Contractual Staff) (Deadline: 26 October 2018)

10 Job Positions at Kirehe District : Midwives (Contractual Staff) (Deadline: 26 October 2018)

Job Description

“1. Receive mother in the appropriate place with empathy
2. Assess and evaluate individual health conditions of the mother
3. Care mother in case of emergency and carry out screening tests
4. Collaborate with physician to develop plan of care
5. Teach student midwives
6. Identify and educate the women on the signs which indicate the progress of labour
7. Provide information about pain relief, birth positions and delivery options to facilitate informed choices
8. Assess foetal and maternal well
– being in all stages of labour
9. Identifies the signs and symptoms of complicated labour and post partum complication
10. Ensure the safety of both mother and newborn during and after childbirth
11. Help parents to cope with miscarriage, termination of pregnancy , stillbirth
12. Provide psychosocial support and reassurance to the couple d their relatives
13. Collaborate with physician for the follow
– up of the mother
14. Document all activities carried out in mothers file
15. Participate in environmental hygiene of the hospital
16. Educates the woman about discomforts of the pueperium and advises on strategies to relieve them
17. Handover, evaluate the condition of the patients in collaboration with anesthesia team
18. Transport any specimens that require diagnostic testing to the laboratory facilities
19. Perform other work
– related duties as assigned”


Job Profile

A1/A0 in Midwifery Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
– Active Listening & Observation Skills
– Social Perceptiveness
– Care, Compassion and Communication Skills
– Infection Prevention and Control Knowledge
– Nutrition Management Knowledge
– Skills on Dealing with emotionally charged situations
– Computer knowledge (Work Processing, Power Point and Internet)
– Analytical and problem solving skills;
– Time management skills;
– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; Knowledge of all is an advantage




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