13 Positions at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 13, 16 November 2020)

13 Positions at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 13, 16 November 2020)

13 Positions at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 13, 16 November 2020)

10 Positions of Forest Extensionist under contract at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 16 November 2020)

Job Description

– Elaborate the District’s strategy on forests and natural resources, monitor its implementation across Sectors and produce consolidated reports thereof;

– Organize, in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, trainings and public awareness campaigns meant to disseminate new forestry technologies among beneficiaries;

– Supervise the identification and mapping of forest diseases, reforestation and forests protection needs, vulgarization and valorization of trees and forests at the sector level and advise on the preventive and reactive measures across the District;

– Inspect whether mining and forests harvesting practices comply with the applicable regulations and standards;

– Maintain an updated database of forests and natural resources operators within the District, analyze the impact of their work on sustainable local development and advise the District accordingly.

Job Profile

A2 in Forestry, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Natural Sciences, Geography, Botany, Agroforestry, Agriculture


Procurement Officer Rusizi District at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 13 November 2020)

Job Description

– Elaborate and implement the procurement plan for the District, and produce consolidated reports thereof;

– Prepare and provide information for publication of tender
– related documents such as procurement plan, bidding documents, invitation to bid, etc;

– Receive and safeguard bids, obtain approval of the tender award from the Tender Committee, publish the results of the tendering process and accordingly notify bidders;

– Prepare contracts for tender winners in collaboration with the Legal advisor;

– Serve as Secretary to the Tender Committee;

– Manage, in collaboration with concerned departments, the contract cycle in accordance with the applicable law and regulations and under the supervision of the Director of Procurement, avail information requested by competent authorities.

Job Profile

A0 in Law, Labour Administration, Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Management, Labour Psychology;

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Extensive knowledge and understanding of Labour policies and law;

– Ability to conduct investigations in complex establishments;

– Mediation and negotiations skills;

– Analytical, problem
– solving and critical thinking skills.

– Technical understanding of system being analysed and how it affects the various business units.

– Good at handling and meeting deadlines.

– Multi
– tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with project scope changes.

– Able to work well with both clients from Public and Private Sector.

– Good presentation skills, and ability to communicate with various audiences, including end users, managers.

– Self
– starter with leadership skills in order to take charge of or facilitate requirement
– gathering sessions.

– Strong attention to detail organizational skills.

– Quick learner who is easily able to learn new products, systems, applications and technologies



Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of District at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 13 November 2020)

Job Description

– Read and verify the form and substance of documents submitted to the Mayor ;

– Prepare the Mayor’s agenda, including appointments schedule;

– Prepare, manage, record and dispatch correspondences by or intended for the Mayor

– Manage the Office of the Mayor and handle his/her visitors;

– Make logistical arrangements for all meetings chaired by the Mayor

– Arrange external meetings and appointments of the Mayor

– Organize travels for the Mayor and work hand in hand with public relations, customer care to provide protocol to Mayor’s visitors

Job Profile

A1 in Secretariat Studies, Office Management; Or A0 in Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Management, Sociology, Social work, Law

Key Technical Skills and Knowledge Required

– Office management skills

– Excellent communication, organisation and interpersonal skills.

– Computer knowledge (Word processing, Power Point and Internet)

– Time management

– Discretion

– Analytical and problem solving

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/or French. knowledge of all is an advantage.



Logistics Officer at RUSIZI DISTRICT: (Deadline 13 November 2020)

Job Description

– Organize, keep records, budget for and ensure proper maintenance of fixed and non
– fixed assets, except estates, of the District;

– Work hand in hand with concerned departments/units, to identify and consolidate the logistics needs of the District;

– Keep the District’s store and manage flux on a daily basis;

– Make and update an inventory of the institutional assets and monitor their amortization;

– Identify the amortization, valuation and auctioning needs and prepare implementation plans accordingly;

– Manage the fleet of the District on a daily basis and produce reports thereof.

Job Profile

A0 in Store Management, Management, Finance, Economics, Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Store management, Accounting

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Knowledge of Management of Material Resources;

– Knowledge of supply chain management;

– Organizational Skills;

– Computer Skills;

– Communication Skills;

– Report writing & Presentation Skills;

– Analytical Skills;

– Interpersonal Skills;

– Time management Skills;

– Negotiation Skills;

– Team working Skills

– Problem Solving Skills;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage



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