15 Job Positions at EUCL (Deadline: 08 May 2018)

15 Job Positions at EUCL (Deadline: 08 May 2018)

Head Communications (re-advertised)


Key responsibilities:

 Responsible for managing the public relations aspect within the company.

 Builds and sustains a company’s reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

 To prepare a strong crisis communication plan including a capable team so that EUCL is always prepared to deal with crises in terms of communications.

 Turning all EUCL employers into brand ambassadors, so that EUCL is rebranding and repositioning itself as a service delivery-oriented body.

 Writes and delivers press releases and handles all communication sent to the public.

 Manage company brand and reputation.

 Create and launch press releases and marketing campaigns.

 Contact members of the media to set up interviews with company representatives.

 Get company featured on radio, TV, or the Internet.

 Ensure that all opportunities for the MD are fully vetted.

 Drive corporate strategy and message development, pitch and announcement strategies.

 Develop branding initiatives, internal communications and external media relations.

 Determines communications strategy and execute programs to deliver communications objectives throughout the organization.

 Manage media relations and maximize media opportunities.

 Develop strong relationships with media representatives.

 Develop internal publications such as newsletters, releases, email announcements, etc.

 Hire and train Public Relations, Communications officers, Communications Specialists. The role of Head Communications on Content Development

 Work with content team to develop content strategy aligned with short-term and long-term marketing targets.

 Collaborate with marketing and design teams to plan and develop site content, style and layout.

 Work with content team to create and publish engaging content.

 Work with content team to edit, proofread and improve writers’ posts.


 Liaise with content writers to ensure brand consistency.

 Work with content team to manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms.

 Liaise with content team to develop an editorial calendar and ensure content team is on board. The role of Head Communications about the Social Media Strategy.

 Work with social media team to build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification.

 Work with social media team to generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video or HTML) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action.

 Work with social media team to set up and optimize company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of company’s social content.

 Work with social media team to moderate all user-generated content in line with the Company’ social media policy.

 Work with social media team to improve by capturing and analyzing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, and then acting on the information.

 Work with social media team to collaborate with other departments (customer relations, sales etc.) to manage reputation, identify key social media influencers and coordinate actions.


Education & Experience

1. EUCL Head Communications should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in communications, public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising or a similar area of study; but

2. A candidate should have at least five (05) years working experience in the communications or public relations field with 3 years at the managerial position in a dynamic institution.




Security Manager (re-advertised)

Key Responsibilities
 Develop and implement security policies, protocols and procedures
 Keeping on track different events
 Organizing, checking and monitoring the access control for the visitors;
 Coordinate security activities provided by local contractors;
 Plan and coordinate security operations for specific events;
 Managing database for CCTV Cameras
 Coordinate staff when responding to emergencies
 Review reports on incidents in breaches
 Investigate and resolve issues
 Create reports for management on security status
 Conducting security evaluations
 Analyze data to form proposals for improvements (e.g. implementation of new technology)

Initiate order of security related supplies and equipment as needed
 Develop budget for security operations;
 Train subordinate security professionals or other staff in security rules and procedures
 Proven experience as a security manager or similar position
 Experience using relevant technology and equipment (e.g. CCTV)
 Experience in reporting and emergency response planning
 Excellent knowledge of security protocols and procedures
 Solid understanding of budgeting and statistical data analysis
 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
 Outstanding organizational and leadership skill
 Committed and reliable


Education & Experience

 Bachelor’s degree in Administration, business management, information management, mathematics, Law, Social Sciences or engineering;
 Proven experience in RDF/RNP or qualification in security Management;
 Relevant experience of at least 4 years as a security manager in any public or private institution will be an added value.



Manager Revenue Protection


 Oversee all potential revenue protection violations, which includes, theft of service, unauthorized usage, fraud, destruction or damage to system assets, billing or metering errors or omissions

 Prepare all documentation and calculations required for preparation of search warrants by law enforcement authorities

 Prepare calculations of damages to revenues and system, estimating recovery of expenses and ensuring receipt of damages prior to reconnection

 Assist in the development of internal and external policies in regards to revenue protection program

 Advise customers of revenue recovery processes and procedures and providing explanations for cost recovery if required

 Liaise with local law enforcement authorities to arrange crime scene investigation, photography and disconnection/reconnection when required

 Participate and provide depositions, testimony, and data for legal proceedings as required

 Assist with preparing operational budgets and business case proposals for new equipment purchases

 Review policies and procedures and adopt “best practices” within utility industry

 Develop training program, manuals and materials for cross training of utility staff

 Act as a subject matter expert and prepare materials for the purpose of education, awareness for staff members, community partners and law enforcement authorities

Ensure that Health and Safety requirements are met by supporting and participating in regular Health and Safety meetings

 Perform other duties as assigned

Education and Experience:

 Masters’ Degree in Electrical Engineering, Power Technology, and related experience of at least three years or;

 Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Power Technology, and related experience of at least five years.

 Demonstrated knowledge of investigation models, compliance and regulation enforcement and related experience of at least three years.

 Strong knowledge of electricity distribution systems and metering concepts is an added value


Maintenance Planning Engineer-Electrical


 Planning and scheduling maintenance work
 Reviewing weekly schedule compliance for specified disciplines;
 Monitoring and following up to ensure planned maintenance works are executed as planned for all power stations. (curative, predictive and preventative measures);
 Participating in the patrols & inspections for network facilities and analyze the inspection report;
 Preparing the annual plan for the preventative maintenance of power stations;
 Developing and updating database of power stations assets;
 Keeping technical documentation up-to-date;

Education & Experience

 Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Electrical, Electro–Mechanical Engineering or partial professional qualification in Engineering and;
 At least 2 years’ working experience in Machinery Operations
 Technical Diploma in Engineering with 5 years’ experience in Machinery Operations


Fleet Management System Officer (2 Positions)


 Produces and analyses operational and management information related to fleet and mobile equipment including utilization, maintenance reports end user needs, fuel reports, etc. to determine program and system needs; and recommend solutions to meet those needs;
 Develops automated and manual management information systems to track and monitor a variety of workload and performance goals including.

tracking purchasing and procurement processes related to spending of capital allocations tracking replacement plans against actuals;
 Assists in the evaluation of projects including the Utility’s motor pool;
 Assist with EUCL management system;
 Applies management and systems analysis techniques to the solution of problems such as budget preparation, equipment and staff utilization, workload forecasting and scheduling, work methods, procedures, priorities and organizational structure;
 Prepares comprehensive reports, a variety of correspondence and memorandums outlining findings and recommendations related to fleet and mobile equipment processes;
 Works with outside consultants to prepare cost/benefit and operations efficiency studies related to information gathered or analyzed related to the Utility’s needs related to vehicle replacements and/or additions;
 Assists in the purchasing of new equipment, consulting services, hardware repair services and maintenance contracts and coordinates the integration of new systems into the work area.


Education & Eperience

 Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, logistics, computer science.
 Requires One year in systems, operational, procedures, research or analysis.


Procurement Specialist


Key Responsibilities

a) Interact with suppliers on a daily basis to resolve transactional issues and gather critical information on invoices, tracking information on shipments/deliveries, taxes. Etc.
b) Responsible for appropriate supplier selection/bidding processes for selected purchase requests, and supplier and contract pricing validation for all purchase requests using appropriate procurement methods;
c) Responsible for projects’ follow-up to ensure efficient and effective procurement processes.
d) Responsible for supplier communication to resolve transactional issues.
e) Responsible for resolving invoice price and terms discrepancies to enable order processing.
f) Identify, negotiate and implement contract & framework agreements which result in efficiencies in line with financial and forecasting requirements.
g) Maintain accurate auditable records of all procurement process which result in high process compliance.
h) Plan and engage with unit managers to understand contract specifications and with suppliers to develop a profile of delivery capability which results in effective market engagement.

i) Build into contract & framework developments, EUCL’s sustainable procurement obligations and preferences including assurance of procurement authority level adherence which result in stakeholder satisfaction of procurement services.
j) Ensure routine Supplier Performance Evaluation to enable a database of competent suppliers/contractors/service providers and propose for debarment of incompetent ones
k) Carry out market surveys to a have understanding of market prices for bids comparisons;
l) Engage with other departments in the company for proper procurement planning;
m) Conduct factory assessment tests for procured goods;
n) Participate in goods reception upon delivery and ensure a goods received report is availed and properly signed;
o) Monitor requisitions and produce purchase orders and reports in the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system (IBMS – Integrated Business Management System)
p) Participate in all meetings required with the company;
q) Ensure routine and efficient filing of the procurement files
r) Work with internal auditors as well as external auditors (private and Auditor General of State Finances) to ensure an clean audit for the financial year;

Education & Experience  Requirements

The required candidate must:
a) Be fluent in English and Kinyarwanda languages (writing, speaking, and reading). Knowledge of French will be an added advantage as a procurement function communicates to a diversity of suppliers and contractors;
b) Excellent command of procurement procedures and guidelines for Rwanda, World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), European Union, and other guidelines from Development Partners;
c) Have knowledge of the East African Community and COMESA customs union guidelines;
d) Knowledge of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool will be an added advantage;
e) Must be punctual, organized, motivated and detail oriented, multitasking;
f) High, self-motivated and the ability to perform with minimum supervision, as well as within a team;
g) Excellent interpersonal skills, and oral and written communication skills;

h) Knowledge of Strategic Sourcing methodology is a plus;
i) Be able to type at least 25 wpm;
j) Have basic computer skills and use of the internet;
k) Understanding of dg market and other advertising platforms;

Preferred qualifications

a) Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Procurement, Business Administration, Law, Supply Chain Management, Engineering;
b) Having attained Diploma level or higher in CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) will be an added advantage; At least five (5) years’ of experience in Procurement in Government procurement. Experience in private procurement will be an added advantage;
c) Possession of other training certificates in the procurement field
d) Applicant should be me a member of the Association of Procurement Professionals of Rwanda (with proof);
e) Knowledge of supply chain management and/or procurement cycle
f) Past use of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system and E-procurement system with proof.


Communication Specialist (re-advertised)

Communications and Public Relations

1 Work closely with the management to provide the right information to the media and customers
2 Develop and Drive public relations strategy to advance the company’s communication, branding and awareness initiatives
3 Proactively develop internal and external crisis communications and issue management guidelines and processes that can be used to quickly develop and execute crisis communication plans
4 Work with EUCL management and department staff to establish best practice guidelines for optimizing news for online distribution (traditional and social media)
5 Develop communications platforms, strategies and compelling messages that support EUCL brand, business objectives and company leadership
6 Maintain relevant statistics and information relating to the overall operation of EUCL
7 Write press releases, pitch stories, coordinate media visits, and update pertinent social media sites
8 Ensure good working environment with social media by providing the accurate and update information to promote the good image of the company
9 Develop and maintain positive relations within EUCL and to enhance internal and external communication with stakeholders


10 Develop meaningful relations with a range of key media groups ensuring that EUCL receives quality press at national, regional and international levels through publications such as press releases
11 Prepare/or approve media releases and Web content produced by staff, agencies and contractors through creative and well written material for a variety of media publications such as the website, newsletters, press article and advertisements as well as the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and more
12 Manage EUCL website ensuring that it is updated
13 Manage strategic planning for media relations efforts. Lead crisis communications for state-wide efforts as needed
Risk Management and Compliance
14 Monitor and distribute EUCL media coverage and other press coverage relating to the development works
15 Manage media enquiries and uphold the reputation of EUCL
Relationship Building and Management
16 Maximize awareness of the services of EUCL
Develop and maintain positive relationships with all vendors and media partners to help achieve Public Relations development and other departmental targets

Education and Experience

 Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Business Administration, Journalism, Marketing or a partial professional qualification in Marketing, Public Relations and;
 At least 3 years of experience in Journalism, Marketing or Public Relations role


Senior Metering Engineer Operations

 Leadership of the electric test facility which includes meter test boards, performing new product (metering devices) technical assessments, Meter lifecycle testing, etc.

 Supporting the Industrial Meter Reading System

 Acting as a metering Expert on field work methods and standards, and all High Voltage Distribution (HVD) and Low Voltage Distribution (LVD) projects involving customer metering devices

 Preparing the Meter Test Cycle and field operation for Customer Meter testing

 Manage and Coordinate resources (Materials, Financial and Human) allocated and appointed in Metering section;  Coordinate reports on the activities and performance of the metering section

 Manage monthly readings of all meters

 Conduct statistical analysis to support loss reduction

 Validate the quality of metering data collected

 Collect data readings in order to develop a fundamental database to support analysis

 Compare readings data of customers in order to identify anomalous behavior

 Report and manage metering and communication faults and coordinate with relevant team to ensure they are quickly resolved;

 Ensure that all meters of medium and large industries are well calibrated and functioning appropriately.

 Setting tariff in meters with appropriate manner

 Offer analytical data to support investigation and prosecution of power theft

 Prepare the technical specifications for all meters needed in the company.

Education and Experience

 Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Business Administration, Journalism, Marketing or a partial professional qualification in Marketing, Public Relations and;

 At least 3 years of experience in Journalism, Marketing or Public Relations role


Branch Manager (6 Positions)


1 Monitor and ensure all personnel adhere to and regional activities are executed in accordance with Corporate, Regulatory and statutory Safety Standards and policies
2 Provide leadership and management to the Branch staff in the implementation of operating policies and procedures, annual plans, power contracts, power rates and standing operating procedures in the distribution zone.

1. Support development of the branch budgets and maintain region costs within budget
3 Monitor and ensure optimal use and security of all company assets assigned to the division

Technical Support

5 Maintain distribution transformers in accordance with prudent utility practice regarding maintenance, inspections and loading profile
6 Monitor power house operating parameters and condition to assure optimal energy output.
7 Develop and deliver distribution network maintenance plan
8 Support implementation of distribution equipment installations, upgrades, or maintenance
9 Communicate power system emergencies in accordance with approved procedures.


Revenue Management Support

10 Monitor complete, expedited and secure collection of organization revenues
(cash) in accordance with organization policies and procedures
11 Secure meter readings and deliver bills in a timely fashion in accordance with
the billing calendar
12 Implement the provision and supply of smooth and available vending for prepaid

Education & Experience

 Bachelor’s Degree (A0) Electrical Engineering, Electronics and
Telecommunications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or
Electromechanical Engineering with a highly demonstrated managerial
 Experience of 3 years minimum in a similar role



Required Documents for application:

1. An application letter;
2. A detailed updated Curriculum Vitae;
3. A photocopy of academic degree;
4. A photocopy of the Identity card;
5. Full addresses of three referees, including preferably one of previous supervisors.
6. Proof of Experience (Work Certificate (s))

Submission of Applications

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their soft copy applications addressed to the MANAGING DIRECTOR of EUCL Ltd  only at www.work.rw or through this e-mail address: recruitment@eucl.reg.rw not later than 08/05/2018 at 05:00 P.M. Hard copies are
not accepted. Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted. For more details on the Terms of Reference for these positions, please visit
our website on www.eucl.reg.rw




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