17Job positions at RWANDA BIO MEDICAL CENTER : Deadline : (15 November 2018)

17Job positions at RWANDA BIO MEDICAL CENTER : Deadline : (15 November 2018)


17Job positions at RWANDA BIO MEDICAL CENTER 🙁 Deadline : 15 November 2018)


Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : :Director of External Quality Assurance and Control Unit( Deadline: 15 November 2018 )


Job Description

• Develop and review laboratory quality management system documents
o Plan for document development & revision when applicable;
o Coordinate the development of manuals, policies, SOPs, forms and guidelines;
o Coordinate the revision and maintenance of manuals, policies, SOPs, forms and guidelines;
o Ensure the current versions of documents are distributed and accessible to lab staff for their use.
o Review/ develop laboratory quality and technical documents.
o Transfer to staff the skills related to quality documents development/ revision and its implementation
• Implement the Quality management system to Improve the lab quality management system towards accreditation
o Assist NRL to strengthen/implement international and national External Quality Control (EQA);
o Oversee the implementation of quality management system documents;
o Oversee the implementation of EQA by units and sections;
o Strengthen the Stepwise Laboratory Quality Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) including the Quality Management System (QMS), safety and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in Rwanda laboratory network;
o Ensure internal and external audits for the laboratory quality are implemented to monitor the laboratory quality management system;
o Ensure lab quality improvement projects such as training, mentor ships and assessments towards quality improvement and accreditation in the lab network including safety training, GLP training and SLMTA (strengthening laboratory management towards Accreditation) training.
• Assure the quality of pre analytical, analytical and post analytical phases of the lab process
o Support NRL to establish a sustainable transportation system of biological specimens within Rwanda laboratory network;
o Oversee the sample reception, checking, logging and dispatching to testing sections;
o In collaboration with other Directors of units, oversee the implementation of results validation before they are released to ensure quality results.
• Ensure good relations and render full cooperation with other laboratory sections and units relevant to NRL Division’s operations
o Work closely with NRL main partners, senior staff and the direction
o Participate in planned general meetings, activity progress reporting, self
– assessment and evaluation based on the approved action plan.
o Periodically report to the NRL Division Manager as applicable.
• Participate in Operational/collaborative research and innovations for specific intervention of identified problems
o Actively getting involved in scientific writing/ publications, research seminars/ workshop, scientific presentations at conference as applicable;
• Any other function or activities provided by immediate supervisor related to job competencies

Job Profile

Master of Science in Laboratory sciences with 1 year experience in Laboratory work. Or Bachelors’ Degree in Laboratory sciences with 3 years’ experience in Laboratory work. Having worked on Quality assurance duties shall constitute an added advantage.


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Rwandan
Health system;

– Knowledge in planned and systematic activities focused
on providing confidence to fulfill quality requirements;

– Knowledge in accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the
reported test results;

– Knowledge in Quality management system;

– Knowledge in norms, standards, and Quality Assurance
testing procedures and conditions;

– Knowledge in optimal laboratory performance, and
Laboratory processes;

– Leadership skills;

– Planning & Organizational Skills;

– Research Skills & Writing Skills;

– Interpersonal Skills

– Effective communication skills;

– Time Management Skills;

– Computer Skills;

– Judgment & Decision making skills;

– Complex Problem solving Skills;

– Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage.



Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Financial Specialist( Deadline:15 November 2018 )


Job Description

Under the supervision of the Financial Coordination Specialist, the Financial Specialist will be in charge of the following main duties:

– To keep the books for the project in accordance with the Grant Agreement;

– To prepare payment documents, carry out the imputations, management and filing of documents related to the IDA/World Bank and GAVI/HSS Grants;

– To analyze requests for funds coming from the sub
– beneficiaries, to prepare their fund transfer documents and collect reliable vouchers for justification before the next fund transfer;

– To prepare and monitor cash flow plan for the projects and produce updated reports at the end of every month;

– To verify accounting imputations carried out by Accountants of Project’s sub
– beneficiary institutions;

– To regularly supervise and train Accountants from sub
– beneficiary institutions in financial, accounting, and budgetary management;

– To submit monthly financial statements and other reports necessary for the coordination of the Projects;

– To draft disbursement requests to be forwarded to IDA/World Bank and GAVI;

– In collaboration with Corporate Services Program Manager, draw up an annual budget to be submitted to donors, based on action plans;

– To monitor the implementation of the budget;

– To issue regular financial positions (ledger, budget implementation report, etc.) for other collaborators (Audit) ;

– To manage the projects fixed assets;

– To take part in the stock management exercise of equipment and materials;

– To file and conserve documents of accounting transactions ;

– To prepare declarations to RRA, withholding taxes, VAT, etc;

– To carry out any other tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Job Profile


– Be of Rwandan nationality;

– Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Accounting or Finance or Management;

– Possess relevant professional experience of at least 5 years in Accounting and Finance within a reputable public organization, a government project or a private organization highly recognized;

– Working experience with development projects and programmes, in particular which funded by the IDA/World Bank is an advantage;

– Proven knowledge of the GoR financial management system (IFMIS) is a requirement, knowledge in other financial software (TOMPRO or Sage) shall constitute an advantage;

– Be able and willing to spend at least 50% of her/his working time in field for supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the financial management system in funded institutions;

– Have a strong oral and written communication skills in Kinyarwanda, English and French;

– Computer literate with proficient knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and search engines;

– Organizational skills/managerial and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines;

– Being ready to start work within 30 days from the notification of employment;

– Be of proven moral integrity.



Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Corporate Services Program Manager( Deadline:15 November 2018 )


Job Description

Under supervision of the RBC/SPIU Coordinator, the Corporate Services Program Manager ensures overall coordination of financial, administrative and procurement operational aspects of the RBC/SPIU.

Administrative function:

– To supervise, control and coordinate activities related to Administration and HR;

– To supervise, control and coordinate Procurement activities for planning tenders that are likely to be awarded during the budgetary year, on annual basis, and in accordance with the annual budget of every project;

– To ensure the coordination between projects and different partners involved in areas covered by different components;

– To put in place the supervision tools that can facilitate a quick and effective fiduciary evaluation component of sub
– recipients;

– To put in place policies in the area of training and refresher courses of the personnel;

– To coordinate and facilitate short
– term consultants;

– Manage various conventions governing the cooperation framework between the RBC and various partners;

– Coordinate annual performance evaluation of RBC/SPIU staff and ensure timely payment of Pay As You Earn Tax ( PAYE) per each staff;

– Coordinate management contract of services and supplies that are given to RBC/SPIU;

– To ensure the application of the Procedures Manual.

Financial function:

– To supervise, control and coordinate staff working on activities related to Finances of donor projects under RBC/SPIU management;

– Formulate and submit to Coordinator requests to donors for funds disbursement

– Verify and finalize budget reallocation proposals of Bilateral and Multilateral projects before its submission to appropriated forum/decision makers by the SPIU Coordinator for approval;

– Verification and approval of financial statements;

– Facilitate different assessments, external and internal audits and implement its financial recommendations;

– To contribute actively to the preparation of annual action plans and annual budget of the PR and to monitor their implementation;

– To propose policies and the guidance for financial decisions;

– To ensure the optimal utilization of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) functions for appropriate technical, administration and financial monitoring enabling timely identification and resolution of problems;

– To compile and summarize quarterly reports on financial progress of the RBC/SPIU portfolio prepared by the finance and administration team in RBC/SPIU Corporate Services Program;

– To produce quarterly progress reports on the performance of the RBC/SPIU and sub
– recipients;

– To coordinate technical assistance to SRs for preparing periodical financial statement;

– To ensure that the management of project funds, human resources, and RBC/SPIU fixed assets is performed in accordance with legal provisions related to the management of public funds and property, as well as HSDP procedures and requirements.

Procurement function:

– Ensure the availability of annual procurement plans for all multilateral and bilateral projects under RBC/SPIU, basing on funded actions plans;

– Liaise with the Procurement Coordination Specialist to ensure that all tenders are published and processed on time ;

– Liaise with the Procurement Coordination Specialist to ensure the proper management of contracts;

– Take necessary measures to ensure that goods and services are delivered and stored safely in accordance with provisions of tenders;

– Ensure availability of all required quarterly, monthly, semester or annual RBC/SPIU procurement related reports.

Budget function:

– Coordinate all budgeting process;

– Coordinate and review all budget execution reports: quarterly, semester and annual of all grants;

– Coordinate and ensure control of budgets and action plans at the level of both the RBC/SPIU and SRs;

– Coordinate the assessment of budget execution, prepare budget reallocation proposals in collaboration with RBC/SPIU Operation Program Manager and verify the implementation of previous decisions addressing any budget issue;

– Coordinate the preparation of quarterly, semester and annual budget reports;

– Supervise and evaluate the budget tam and stand
– alone accountant doing budget execution review of their (Medium size) Grant;

– Supervise the entering of all budgets in the accounting software to monitor its implementation.

Job Profile


– Being of Rwandan nationality;

– Hold a Master’s Degree in Accounting or Finance, holding an ACCA, CPA shall constitute an advantage; or Bachelors degree in Accounting or Finance and holding an ACCA, CPA is an added advantage.

– Possess relevant professional experience of at least 5 years for Bachelors degree holders and 3 years for Masters degree holders in the domain of Administration and Finance, management, budgeting and budgetary control, for the same position or equivalent within either a public organization, a government project or a highly recognized private organization;

– Having a relevant working experience of at least 5 years with development projects and programs;

– Knowledge of management processes in the public sector (budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, treasury management, public contracts, internal control and audit);

– Proven knowledge of the GoR financial management system (IFMIS) is a requirement, knowledge in other financial software (TOMPRO or Sage) shall constitute an advantage;

– Knowledge of procurement and staff management softwares (E
– procurement and IPPIS) shall constitute an advantage;

– Have strong oral and written communication skills in Kinyarwanda, English and French;

– Computer literate with proficient knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and search engines;




Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Administration & HR Specialist ( Deadline: 15 November 2018 )


Job Description

ToRs for:
Job title: HR & Administration Specialist
Supervisor: SPIU/RBC Coordinator
Main objective of the position:
Under supervision of the SPIU/RBC Coordinator, supervise and ensure the Human Resources management, assets and logistics management of the SPIU/RBC especially related to SPIU’s mandate regarding externally funded health
– sector programs/projects.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

The management of personnel records
? Publish vacancy announcement.
? Participate in the recruitment panel if necessary.
? Prepare letters of appointment, employment contracts, other correspondence relating to personnel management and secure transmission with working tools they need.
? Establish a record of every employee (tender notice to the signing of the contract) and maintain and complete personnel records.
? Prepare the payroll.
Assets Management
? Develop a plan for distribution of equipment to various components.
? Receive an original copy and a copy of contracts to supply goods and or services (the first to be annexed to the supplier’s invoice for payment and the second for the management of the asset in question after delivery).
? Maintain the register of assets acquired on Project Fund of the SPIU/RBC.
Fleet Management
? Ensure the fleet management in activities of maintenance, repair and fuel supply for the SPIU/RBC vehicles.
? Ensure that all vehicles acquired on Project Fund are covered by omnium. insurance policy
Relationships with third parties
? Manage service contracts (computer maintenance, vehicle maintenance, insurance, shipping mail, rental and maintenance of offices, etc.).
? Carry out formalities of application for registration of vehicles purchased.
? Prepare and ensure the payment of premiums and employee contributions are supported by the SPIU/RBC to the RSSB and others.
? Make reservations of rooms for meetings or conferences organized by the SPIU/RBC.
The stock management:
? Validate the state of need of supplies and other office consumables established by the stock keeper and send it to the Head of Administration and Finance Unit for approval.
? Receive incoming stock with the Procurement Unit.
? Supervise the receptionist in the management of the stock of office supplies.
? Manage the fuel coupons acquired.
? Coordination of social events.
? Coordinate and oversee the archiving of documents to the SPIU/RBC.
? Attend the Senior management meeting of the RBC and other meetings regarding health sector development projects
? Perform any other task related to the SPIU/RBC management as requested by the direct supervisor.

Job Profile

Qualifications, Experience and Competences
1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Management, Human Resource Management or Public administration;
2. Prior Work Experience: 5 years working experience in administration, HR management, logistics and assets management; Training in HR management IPPIS software, logistics management.
3. Language Proficiency: English proficiency is required. Must be able to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English at a professional level. Proficiency in Kinyarwanda French is an asset.
4. Knowledge: The incumbent must have knowledge and understanding of the organization and roles of the different levels of the GoR health system, GoR legislation, and practice relating to HR, Assets and Fleet management is required. A strong working knowledge of external/ international donor project operations, management procedures, policies and practices, especially in the health sector, is desired.
5. Skills and Abilities: The incumbent must have demonstrated skill and experience in people management and team building and to develop effective working relationships. Ability to work under pressure, to prioritize work, and to meet tight deadlines is required. Must be able to communicate clearly with a wide range of partners.



Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Surveillance Officer ( Deadline :15 November 2018 )


Job Description

• Ensure Health Facilities are conducting VPD case
– based surveillance according to WHO standards and national IDSR requirements
• Ensure VPDs samples (AFP, Neonatal Tetanus and measles/rubella,) are processed in the required standards and arrange for their transportation respecting cold chain rules,
• Work closely with NRL and Uganda laboratory to ensure VPDs surveillance lab related performance is comply with WHO standards,
• Manage the VPD databases, analyze and elaborate weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual VPD surveillance reports and share the reports with requisite parts
• Collaborate with the vaccination program services to obtain necessary data for the documentation of annual polio eradication progress, quarterly polio risk assessment and quarterly measles risk assessment as required by WHO,
• Collaborate with concerned Divisions and Units by providing the necessary support and expertise in case of Vaccine Preventable Diseases Outbreaks and during the vaccination Campaigns
• Organize data harmonization meeting according to WHO recommendation
• Monitor progress towards Polio Eradication, Measles Control and NNT elimination

• Prepare action plans for VPD surveillance activities
• Ensure monitoring end evaluation of implementation of VPD surveillance action plans
• Support monitoring of impact of vaccination through VPDs surveillance and disease trends
• Participate in preparation of training and supportive supervision materials
• Collaborate with other ESR staff to organize and to conduct sensitization meetings, trainings and supportive supervision for IDSR and VPD surveillance
• Participate in epidemic diseases surveillance and response trainings and supportive supervisions
• Follow
– up of implementation of recommendations from supervisions and outbreak investigation / response in scope of VPD
• Ensure organization and follow up of polio eradication committee meetings,
• Ensure organization and follow up measles elimination committee meeting
• Ensure participation in national immunization advisory group and other required technical working groups

Job Profile

Masters of Degree in epidemiology or in Public Heath or Bachelor degree in Public Health

1. Working experience in public Health sector
2. At least 4 years’ experience in diseases surveillance .
3. Experience of working with data management






Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Director Outbreak Preparedness and Response Unit ( Deadline: 15 November 2018 )


Job Description

1. Oversee and provide national strategy for epidemic prevention and control in alignment with the global health security and international health regulation;
2. Coordinate and organize outbreaks investigations and after actions review;
3. Provide capacity building for the Field Epidemiology Training Program;
4. Conduct epidemics risk mapping and simulation exercises for readiness;
5. Prepare an annual work plan and ensure adequate implementation;
6. Update and develop technical documents/guideline/SoPs for preparedness and response to epidemics and other public health threats;
7. Ensure stockpiles of drugs, vaccines and supplies for epidemic preparedness and response
8. Other duties assigned by supervisors

Job Profile

Medical Doctor with master’s degree in field of epidemiology or Medical Doctor with mater’s degree in public health having at least 2 years of working experience in global health security and international health regulation.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Good knowledge of Rwanda Health System

– Knowledge of public health communicable disease prevention

– Knowledge and technical expertise in preparedness, disease surveillance and response

– Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with donors, implementing partners and other stakeholders

– Ability to manage multiple priorities and projects

– Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Rwandan Health system;

– Planning & Organizational Skills;

– Research Skills & Writing Skills;

– Creative, proactive, customer focused, solutions led and outcome driven Skills;

– Interpersonal Skills

– Effective communication skills;

– Time Management Skills;

– Computer Skills;

– Judgment & Decision making skills;

– Complex Problem solving Skills;

– Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage



7 Job positions at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Biomedical Engineers (Contract) ( Deadline:15 November 2018 )


Job Description

•Provide technical support to Biomedical technicians /engineers for the hospital and health centers in regard with technical specifications, installation, maintenance, adjustment, repairing, replacement and proper use of medical equipment.
•Work with hospital and health center teams to evaluate safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of existing biomedical equipment.
•Monitor all the expenditures related the maintenance of equipment and work with RBC
– MoH team in recommending how best to control equipment service related costs.
•Ensuring the training of clinicians and other hospital personnel on the proper use of medical equipment.
•Prepare and assist the team in setting proper specification of biomedical equipment to be procured
•Investigate any work incidents on medical equipment in the HF
•Identify required tools and test equipment for biomedical maintenance.
•Participate in accreditation program ( Quality insurance )
•Work with the hospital based biomedical technicians to develop long term maintenance plan that will allow sustainability and continuous use of medical equipment.
•Collect data related to medical equipment including cost that will allow both RBC
– MoH and hospital and health centers for joint planning.
•Guide RBC
– MoH in the types of equipment to buy or receive as donations and assist with annual planning and budgeting for medical equipment
•Work with the team to scope equipment needs for new structures or renovated structures
•Evaluate the quality control activities of HF equipment
•Creates alignment and integration of all MTI units in working towards common goals
•Prepares and provides compelling presentations at the senior management levels that support decisions making
•Engages with staff in Division and beyond in “on the job” capacity building to grow their capacity with respect to Planning and the use of financial information in decision making
•Working under pressure with minimum supervision
•Performing the given tasks to the highest possible standards within the time frame
•Contribute to all other activities of the RBC/ MTI, according to the needs
•Handle any other task given by the supervisor.


Job Profile

Being of Rwandan nationality;
Hold at least a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering or Clinical engineering

Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to interact with patients and health providers;
Strong organizational skills and excellent attention to details; flexibility, independence and creativity;
Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda, proficiency in French is an added value;
Familiarity with Excel
Knowledge of the health sector in Rwanda and its structures
Having a strong system analysis skills
Excellent strategic and operational planning and monitoring skills to assist in effective and efficient management decision is an advantage
Teamwork and team building towards achieving common goals




Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Communication Specialist WB-SPRP (Contract) ( Deadline:15 November 2018 )


Job Description

The SBCC Specialist will perform the following responsibilities.
• Prepare and facilitate a Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) Survey on nutrition, hygiene, early learning, parenting among fathers and mothers with children under 6 years;
• Develop a Social Behavior Change Communication Strategy based on the findings of the KAP survey, the Early Nurturing Survey and other available source of data;
• Ensure successful implementation, coordination and monitoring of the SBCC planned activities for the Rwanda Stunting Prevention and Reduction Project;
• Providing technical guidance in the development of information, education and communication (IEC) materials, adverts and any other tools for health related campaigns;
• Providing technical support and guidance to the social cluster aligned ministries and other nutrition implementing partners involved in Rwanda Stunting Prevention and Reduction Project and other health promotion program interventions;
• Planning and working closely with Local/Community Leaders, Civil Society Organizations (SCOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs,) in the planning process and implementation of the nutrition program and the Rwanda Stunting Prevention and Reduction Project at district and community level;
• Providing technical guidance in development of plans of community level outreach programs in schools, health facilities, and communities; and follow up their implementation and reporting, document the best practices and lessons learn for the orientation of the next step;
• Designing, plan and facilitate training, workshops, and meetings for health promotion technical working groups from central to decentralized level;
• Consistently review the approaches used to disseminate SBC nutrition messages, as well as provide technical input with the development of quality and appropriate messages through the National Health Promotion Technical Working Group;

Job Profile

IV. Qualifications, Experience and Competences
• Hold a Master degree or equivalent in Public Health, Health Promotion or Communication;
• Possess relevant professional experience of a minimum of 3
– 5 years in Social Behavior Change Communication implementation experience, preferably in health, nutrition or early childhood development;
• Have strong interpersonal, communications, and leadership skills;
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Substantial working experience in SBCC in development projects and programs. Successful experiences of project funded by the World Bank is an advantage.
• Be familiar with the Rwanda health promotion or community mobilization context shall constitute an advantage.
• Be conversant with computer equipment (Word, Excel, Power Point, Graphic design, Internet, etc.).
• Excellent spoken and written English is required. Knowledge of Kinyarwanda and French would be an asset.
• The Social Behavior Change Communication Specialist will work closely with all project’s Implementing Agencies and Government Counterparts in performing the foregoing tasks, including NECDP, Districts, and NGOs. In this respect strong communications skill are will be necessary.


2 JOB POSITIONS AT RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Financial Compliance & Capacity Building Specialist( Deadline :15 November 2018 )

Job Description

Key functions:

• Develop a comprehensive plan of providing support and oversee implementation of Grants agreements provisions (financial precedent conditions), p
• preparation of internal and external audit and support for implementation of audits recommendations of different sub recipients of SPIU/RBC;
• Ensure PFM compliance regarding funds transferred to implementer,
• Review the recording of transactions in accounting software,
• review and provide feedback to financial statements from health facilities, Central level and other sub recipient institutions implementing different external projects under RBC
• Train the Accountants/finance staff of sub
– recipient’s institutions in identified gaps;
• Review the management comments provided by different sub
– recipients in the internal and external audit reports before finalization;
• Facilitate the internal and external audits where it is necessary;
• Carry out any other duty related to financial control as recommended by the Coordination.

Job Profile

1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or Management.

2. Prior Work Experience: Possess relevant professional experience of at least 5 years in Accounting, Finance, Budgetary Control within a public organization, a project or a reputable private organization.
3. Language Proficiency: English or French and Kinyarwanda proficiency is required. Must be able to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English or French and Kinyarwanda at a professional level.

4. Knowledge:
• the incumbent must have knowledge and understanding of the organization and roles of the different levels of the GoR health system, GoR legislation, and practice relating to PFM Guidelines.




Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Bio-Statistician Senior officer ( Deadline :15 November 2018)


Job Description

Coordinate the bio statistics desk
• Ensure all data entry and data cleaning of all programmatic data, routine data and data from studies and surveys for HIV, AIDS and OBBI Unit,
• Conduct data analysis for HIV/AIDS,STIs and Blood Borne infections Division
• Responsible for all analytical data, including data collected by the programs of IHDPC/HIV Division as well as secondary data on HIV / AIDS ,STIs and OBBI
• Oversee the first level all the analysis of data initiated in HIV/AIDS,STI and OBBI division
• Prepare reports and publications the HIV/AIDS,STI and OBBI division
• Participate in strategic planning of research projects for HIV/AID ,STI and OBBI division In collaboration with All RBC developing and implementation partners and

– Ensure availability of reports and develop data use for HIV Division staff

– Respond timely to data

In collaboration with RBC HIV Division Units

– Gather data / provide information to inform the HIV Response to HIV

Job Profile

Bachelors Degree Statistics or mathematics (C),Master Degree in Public Health/ Epidemiology (D)





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