2 JOB POSITIONS AT EDCL : Rusumo TL SS engineers : ( Deadline : 09 August 2019 )

2 JOB POSITIONS AT  EDCL  : Rusumo TL SS engineers : ( Deadline : 09 August 2019 )


2 JOB POSITIONS AT EDCL : Rusumo TL SS engineers : ( Deadline : 09 August 2019 )



Rusumo Hydro Power Project (80 MW), a shared resource between Rwanda, Tanzania and
Burundi is under construction. The three (3) utilities REG/Rwanda, TANESCO/Tanzania and REGIDESO/Burundi are responsible for the construction of the transmission lines in their respective countries to evacuate the power plant. The line within Rwanda is 220kV, 119 km long. It is in the above context that the management of Energy Development



Corporation Limited (EDCL), a subsidiary of Rwanda Energy Group (REG) seeks to recruit qualified and experienced Transmission Engineer and Substation Engineer to support the implementation of the above Transmission-line.



Below are the details:



JOB AT EDCL  : Transmission Engineer : ( Deadline : 09 August 2019 )



1.Transmission Engineer (re-advert)


Key roles/responsibilities



• Design of lines-In collocation with the consultant, the Transmission line engineer shall provide input to the line route selection, construction standards. Specifically, the Engineer shall provide guidance to the design and planning teams to ensure that appropriate standards and cost effective technologies are adopted based on the realities on the ground.

• Works supervision and certification – The Engineer shall be responsible for the day supervision of contractors with the consultant

The Engineer shall ensure that (i) there are no deviations from the design routes; (ii) lines are constructed according to the agreed standards and proposer workmanship and (iii) certification of works before approval of payments.

• Project Progress Reports- the Transmission line engineer with the consultant shall contribute, by providing relevant inputs, to the preparation of project progress reports and in preparation of project annual work plans.

• Detail as you did for the substation Engineer!!





Qualifications and experience



• Have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering or Equivalent

• Have at least five (5) years proven relevant experience in high Voltage Transmission line construction, project management or supervision or design and contracts management.

• Added advantage: Experience working on implementing and managing projects on AfDB and/or World Bank-funded projects

• Be fluent in English.

• Having a working knowledge of French shall be an added advantage




JOB AT EDCL  :  Substation Engineer  : ( Deadline : 09 August 2019 )




2. Substation Engineer (re-advert)


Key roles/responsibilities



• Assist in Supervision of the implementation of the substation contract for the Project and establishment of a Project Site Organization for the contractor as specified below:

• Examination and approval with the consultant of the EPC Contractor detailed design documents and drawings for compliance with the specifications in accordance with sound engineering practice;

• Supervision of all substation installation activities and ensure that the works are done in compliance with the contract plans and specifications with regards to both quality and timing,

• Inspecting and approving with the consultant the factory acceptance tests (FAT) during the manufacture of major substation items of equipment and at the manufacturers’ premises;

• Verify-in collaboration with the consultant if the material and equipment delivered at field sites correspond to the technical specifications.

• Supervise and approve the testing and commissioning of substation installation works.

• Check and approval with the consultant of complete set of “As-Built” drawings, and documentation; and hand over formalities.

• Approval with the consultant of the EPC Contractor’s human resources and occupational health and safety policy.

• In providing all contract notices, instructions, orders, certificates, approvals and all communications under the contract (generally referred to as contract administration) for the contract and liaison with the contractor.

• Any change (variation) orders, completion time extension and/or financial claims arising from the contractor, requires the approval of Client after a deep assessment and recommendations to Client based on the day-to-day records and applicable conditions of contract.

• Prepare the completion certificates and final acceptance certificates with the consultant to contractors as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

• Preparation of monthly and quarterly project progress reports as required by Client.

• Monitor compliance with the consultant by the EPC Contractor during installation and commissioning for applicable legal requirements of Rwanda.

• Prepare and submit with the consultant the Project Completion Report that outlines, inter-alia, achievements in meeting the objectives and target set out for Client.



Qualifications and experience



• Have at least a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in electrical engineering,

• HV AC substations design,
• Have at least 5 years of experience at least in the field of High Voltage substations construction and design with technical know-how in power system protection/control

• Added advantage: Experience working on implementing and managing projects on AfDB and/or World Bank-funded projects





Duly signed application letters addressed to the Managing Director of Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) together with updated detailed curriculum vitae, copies of
both academic and professional certificates, proof of related experience/valid work certificates and names and addresses of at least three (3) reference persons and copy of Identity Card or passport should be submitted at the reception of EDCL located at Kigali City Tower Building, 9th Floor not later than 09/08/2019 latest 3 p.m. local time (1 p.m GMT) OR electronically by email on [email protected]






1. Please note that submission of valid and acceptable proof of experience/work certificates attached to your job applications to support the relevant experience indicated in the applicant’s CVs among other documents highlighted above is a MUST for pre-selection.


2. Any applicant should submit his/her application using either hardcopy OR electronically, not both.



3. REG is an equal opportunity employer. As part of our company Gender Mainstreaming policy and program, we seek to increase the number of women in all levels of the organization. Therefore, we strongly encourage female candidates to apply. Special consideration will be given to qualified female candidates.





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