2 Job positions at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Financial Specialist WB-SPRP ( Deadline:10 September 2018 )

2 Job positions  at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Financial Specialist WB-SPRP ( Deadline:10 September 2018  )

2 Job positions at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Financial Specialist WB-SPRP ( Deadline:10 September 2018 )


Job Description


III. Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting lines of the Project Financial management specialist (s)

Under the daily coordination of the Project Coordinator, the Financial specialist (s) for the Stunting Prevention and Reduction Project will report directly to the Corporate Services Program Manager within SPIU and work closely with the Financial Coordination Specialist at SPIU/RBC to ensure quality financial management of the project in line with GoR and World Bank procedures, the Financing Agreement and Project Implementation Manual to ensure that project’s financial management arrangement will support effective implementation and generate satisfactory Interim Financial Reports (IFRs) and annual financial statement.

The project Financial specialist (s) will perform the following responsibilities.
Book keeping and reporting
• Keep books of accounts of the project in accordance with the financing Agreement.
• Prepare all the project payments and ensure completeness in the required support documents, carry out the imputations, assure management and filing of documents related to the IDA funding.
• Prepare periodic and quarterly unaudited interim financial reports (IFRs) for submission to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) and the World Bank.
• To analyze requests for funds coming from the beneficiaries, to prepare their fund transfer documents and collect reliable financial report and supporting documentations for justification before the next fund transfer; Ensuring that expenditures, including approvals for payments, budgets, and documentations, are in accordance with established procedures and ensure timely payments of suppliers.
• To prepare and monitor cash flow plan of the project and produce its updated report at the end of every month.
• To verify accounting imputations carried out Financial specialists of Project’s beneficiary institutions.
• To regularly supervise and train Financial specialists from beneficiary institutions in financial, accounting, and budgetary management.
• To prepare Withdrawal application for submission to World Bank.
• Prepare the designated account reconciliation statement.
• In collaboration with the Senior Financial Management Specialist for RBC and the other project team, the financial specialists will contribute to the preparation of the MTEF, annual work plan and cash flow plan to be submitted to IDA for No Objection.
• To monitor the implementation of the budget for WB.
• To issue regular financial positions (ledger, budget implementation report, etc.) for other collaborators (Audit).
• To take part in the stock taking exercise of equipment and materials and project funded fixed assets
• To file and conserve documents of accounting transactions.
• In collaboration with the Financial Coordination Specialist, contribute to preparation of the annual financial statements to be audited by the external auditors.
• To prepare, process for approvals and submit declarations to RRA, withholding taxes and social security fund contributions.
• Monitor the budgetary and accounting management of all beneficiaries of project funds.
• Ensure that World Bank Implementation Support Missions, audit and evaluation recommendations related to financial management are implemented.
• Perform any other duties in line with project financial management activities that can be assigned to him/her

Job Profile

IV. Qualifications, Experience and Competences

• Hold Master’s Degree or its equivalent in Accounting, Management, or related fields and being at advanced stage of graduating for an accounting professional qualification (ACCA, CPA).
• Possess relevant professional experience of at least 5 years in Accounting, Finance, Budgetary Control within a public organization, a project or a reputable private organization.
• Substantial working experience in the financial management of development projects and programs. Successful experience of project funded by the World Bank is an advantage.
• Be familiar with the budgetary control software, the knowledge of IFMIS shall constitute an advantage.
• Monitoring and evaluation of the financial management system in funded institutions;
• Be conversant with computer equipment (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.).
• Knowledge of accounting, auditing and financial reporting system and software packages.
• Excellent spoken and written English is required. Knowledge of Kinyarwanda and French would be an asset.
• The Financial management specialist (s) will work closely with all project’s Implementing Agencies and Government Counterparts in performing the foregoing tasks, including NECDP, Districts, and NGOs. In this respect strong communications skills will be required.





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