3 Job Positions at IPRC Kigali : CBA Verifier officer (Deadline: 22 August 2018)

3 Job Positions at IPRC Kigali : CBA Verifier officer (Deadline: 22 August 2018)

Job Description

1.Verifying competency
– based assessment to ensure quality and consistency.
2. Supporting and advising testing centers on improving the effectiveness and quality of assessment.
3.Informing the testing centers about any changes that may take place.
4.Maintaining accurate records of the results of external verification which the verifiers will enter into its database
5.Provides feedback to trainee after every assessment through review tool
6.Reports on the assessment with actions and recommendations in his/her area of expertise
7.Conducts follow up reviews and on
– site visits when necessary
8.Completing checklists and relevant forms.
9.Liaison with External Verifiers, arrangements and preparation of data for EV visits and follow
– up of action plans within specified timescales.
10.Perform any other tasks assigned by supervisor
Job Profile
Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Agriculture, Hospitality & Recreational Arts
Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Excellent communication, organizational, interpersonal skills;

– Computer knowledge (Work Processing, Power Point and Internet)

– Analytical and problem solving skills;

– Group dynamics or team work and time management skills;

– Good reporting & presentation skills;

– Practical knowledge of RTQF qualifications, industry practice standards (as spelled out in National Occupation Standards
– NOSs) development and the quality control procedures and arrangements of credible training/learning institutions;

– Knowledge of the employment market and the Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) and professional associations nationally, in the region and internationally;

– Knowledge of CBT, CBA, competence/occupation standards, the RTQF and the design of qualifications;

– Practical knowledge of the conduct of licensing & accreditation and their operational systems and cycles, as well as the use of internal training/academic audits;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English or French




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