3 Job positions at RWANDA DEVELOPMENT BOARD : Law Enforcement Warden (Under contract) ( Deadline: 07 September 2018 )

3 Job positions at RWANDA DEVELOPMENT BOARD : Law Enforcement Warden (Under contract) (  	Deadline:	07 September 2018 )

3 Job positions at RWANDA DEVELOPMENT BOARD : Law Enforcement Warden (Under contract) ( Deadline: 07 September 2018 )


Job Description

In charge of total security of the park (game, people and the property).
Identify the ranger training needs, plan and execute the training sessions.
Identify need of Law Enforcement equipment, maintenance and advise the Park Manager and the management.
Plan all patrols and deployment of rangers in the park
Supervise and plan recuperation, rotation, rations and annual leaves of rangers and submit the report to the finance and administration.
For the security value chain, will work hand in hand with the security institutions like RDF and RNP.
Will act as an intelligence officer.
Charged to form an informer network inside and around the park.
Will supervise all the ranger work and ensure discipline at all times.
Resolve animal problems outside the park with the help of police and army when necessary.
Ensure the implementation of the fire management plan.
Participate in the aerial census.
Produce law enforcement monthly reports.
Ensure 24 operational communication system.
Will ensure the role of security advisor to the park management.
Establish and suggest techniques against illegal activities in the park.

Job Profile

Bachelor or Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, and commerce. Certifies with a minimum of three (3) certificates in the following fields;
1) Advance Security skills in the field
2) Leadership and security management courses
3) Have knowledge and attained paratoon/company commander’s courses
4) Knowledge and skills in keeping peace support operations, mine action, gender perspectives, logistical support, civil military coordination, relief operations, global terrorism, restoring civil order following hostilities.
5) Knowledge in international humanitarian law and law of armed conflict, security measures for peace keepers, commanding un peacekeeping operations.


Other Skills:

Demonstrated ability to develop professional relationships when dealing internally and with other organizations.
Excellent verbal communication skills, including speaking clearly and persuasively to individuals and groups; listening effectively; responding well to questions from conservation colleagues and the public.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite of programmes.
Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize work and to work with others to meet designated deadlines and desired results.
Ability to identify problems; collect, organize, and analyze information, and make appropriate decisions or recommendations to resolve problems.
Ability to work the number and schedule of hours needed to accomplish regular and ad hoc job responsibilities, including occasional weekends and evenings.
Demonstrated ability to develop a security management plans for the Park.
Having skills and ability to carry on investigations on any illegal activities and able to formulate and security intel units with National Parks
Fluent in English, French, and Kinyarwanda.





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