3 Positions at BRALIRWA: (Deadline 12 April 2021)

3 Positions at BRALIRWA: (Deadline 12 April 2021)

3 Positions at BRALIRWA: (Deadline 12 April 2021)

Digital &Technology Director at BRALIRWA: (Deadline 12 April 2021)

BRALIRWA Plc, is engaged in the production, distribution, and sales of a wide range of beer and soft drink brands. A career with BRALIRWA offers great professional challenges combined with exciting opportunities to own and grow one’s career in line with their aspirations.



The Digital & Technology (D&T) Director is the main contributor to:

  • Set-up and lead BRALIRWA Plc D&T team
  • Orchestrate Bralirwa Plc’s digital transformation in line with Management Team’s priorities
  • Provide expertise and capabilities to the business across pillars of the D&T organization



Strategy and orchestration

  • Oversee design and implementation of D&T principals, policies, and processes
  • Operationalize and deliver the full D&T ambitious and forward-looking plan
  • Prioritize and optimize resource allocation for local D&T initiatives
  • Maintain an integrated end-to-end view of all local D&T initiatives and prioritize / reallocate resources where appropriate
  • Ensure successful solutions by pressure testing solutions, coaching teams, and providing high impact support
  • Provide technical vision, guidance and authorization to carry out major plans and initiatives
  • Create appropriate ecosystem to enable transformation by managing strategic vendor and partners relationships

Digital & Tech activities

  • Supervise data management and governance to ensure readily available and high-quality data
  • Oversee and guide the development of new Digital / Advanced Analytics products
  • Ensure implementation of global enterprise architecture
  • Ensure cyber security measures are in place and functioning
  • Keep a contingency plan in place, ensuring the integrity of systems, information and business continuity

Upskilling/Agile acceleration

  • Build and develop local capabilities in data, advanced analytics, digital product development, technology and cyber security
  • Lead implementation of an agile way of working, cross functional product teams and support the digital upskilling of the overall workforce

Leadership and personnel management

  • Bring the D&T voice to the management team
  • Seek the development of D&T personnel and facilitate a work environment aligned with the corporate culture.


  • Master’s Degree in Information Technology or any related field
  • Certified in Advanced Information Technology
  • Minimum of 8 years’ working experience, with 5 years in IT/digital transformation and 3 years leading a similar size organization.
  • Excellent skills in computing, software development and software design
  • Excellent business acumen
  • Extensive experience in application development in an iterative, agile and fast-paced environment
  • Fluent in English (both verbally and in writing), French and Kinyarwanda will be an added value
  • Must possess business knowledge and understanding, preferably in the FMCG industry
  • Translate product and business goals into technical strategy and roadmap
  • Proven ability to deliver large and transformational technological projects
  • Experience with incorporating data and analytics in decision making
  • Demonstrate ability to hire and develop world-class talent and build a team to deliver operational excellence
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Proven strategic thinking
  • Possess digital and innovative mindset that is knowledge base and with experience that goes beyond simple awareness
  • Strong project delivery, planning and change management skills
  • Experience with Agile Ways of Working
  • Ability to explain complex technical processes to business stakeholders
  • Ability to build and maintain strong collaborative relationships with leaders across the business
  • Experience working in matrix structure



Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to https://careers.theheinekencompany.com/Rwanda and search for “Digital &Technology Director”.

Please register first if this is your first time applying through our Careers website. Registration requires minimal information to create your account. Note that this site will provide you with additional functionality such as saved searches and email alerts.

All applicants must apply using our online application system, CVs received via email or standard post will NOT be considered.  In case you face any challenges in applying, please let us know through [email protected] (no applications will be accepted through this email).


The closing date for submission of applications is Monday 12th April 2021.


Warehouse Operations Supervisor at BRALIRWA: (Deadline 12 April 2021)

Bralirwa Plc would like to hire a  qualified, dedicated & experienced Warehouse Operations Supervisor, located in Gisenyi, Rwandareporting to the Brewery Warehouse Manager.


The Warehouse Operations Supervisor coordinates operational activities within the warehouse on a short-term basis. Plans regularly available resources for warehouse activities and monitors and controls on time execution to meet internal and external service level requirements and safely run the warehousing operation cost efficiently.



  • Act in accordance with the Heineken safety regulations.
  • Translate the safety regulations into appropriate practical working instructions and regularly assess the warehouse operation to ensure that regulations are respected.
  • Timely report accidents, incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions and behaviors.
  • Make a safety risk assessment and implement countermeasures to reduce and mitigate risks.
  • Stimulate an open environment where safety is put first, by sharing safety concerns, acting as an example and addressing each other on safety.
  • Demonstrate safe working behaviors when carrying out warehouse operations without compromising efficiency and environmental policies


Warehouse Planning & Process Execution Management

  • Define the storage space layout to run the warehousing activities and review regularly to align with changing circumstances.
  •  Translate short and medium term sales, inventory and production plans into warehousing resource (staff, space, equipment) requirements.
  • Weekly plan and organize staff shifts and resource allocation to warehousing activities. Monitor and control overtime, staff productivity, line stoppages and delays in trucks loading/unloading due to lack of warehousing resources.
  • Monitors daily the resources utilization to spot over and under capacity situations.
  • Ensure continuity of operations in unexpected circumstances to ensure service level requirements are met.
  • Implement, monitor and control 5S in the warehouse.

Goods movement & RPM Handling

  • Regularly assess execution of goods movement on the shop floor.
  • Ensure right RPM policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Execute and report inbound and outbound production materials movement using existing warehouse systems while adhering to the escalation procedures.
  • Verify the accuracy of data inputs in warehouse digital systems and use TPM methodology to establish long-term solution on warehouse variances


Inventory management

  • Translate the Traceability, FEFO, and expiry date and freshness policies into practical working instructions.
  • Monitor the organization of regular stock counts.
  • Apply corrective measures based on inventory discrepancies. Approve correction of inventory data in case of discrepancy with physical inventory.

Storage & stock quality assurance/ management

  • Translates the regulations into appropriate practical working instructions.
  • Put measures in place to monitor and report product quality issues in a timely way.

Assets & equipment management

  • Ensure all the warehousing assets and equipment are maintained in good working condition according to the applicable regulations.
  • Anticipate need for replacement or upgrade of warehousing equipment and assets.
  • Conducts root cause analysis of equipment breakdown.

TPM & Continuous Improvement

  • Follow and report warehousing KPIs on a daily basis in Daily Control System (DCS) meetings and communicate to team.
  • Show active contribution in Warehouse and Transportation pillar to nurture the company desired TPM culture and to drive warehouse operational excellence.
  • Initiates actions to improve in safety, warehousing processes, assets, stock quality and/or inventory management. Improve warehousing operation by using appropriate TPM tools. Ensures improvements are captured in procedures and staff is trained accordingly.


Organization & People management

  • Ensure all PDPs are in place and performance management cycle is followed.
  • Monitor sick leave and absenteeism.
  • Ensures proper training for the warehousing staff.
  • Hold regular meeting with staff to reinforce awareness, discuss issues and possible solution and communicate new applicable regulations related to safety, quality, stock & inventory management and use of assets and equipment.
  • Interact with contractors and lead by example in driving safety and productivity optimization in day-to-day warehouse activities.




  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Logistics, Finance, Economics, Accounting, or any other related field.
  • At least 3 years’ working experience in business environment, preferably logistics.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office packages-Word & Excel
  • SAP ECC or other ERP system. Warehouse Management System (WMS) if applicable.
  • Fluent in English and Kinyarwanda (both verbally and in writing), and French will be added advantage
  • Supply Chain understanding, understanding of order management and transportation.


Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to https://careers.theheinekencompany.com/Rwanda and search for “Warehouse Operations Supervisor”.

In case you face any challenges in applying, please let us know through [email protected] (no applications will be accepted through this email)

All applicants must apply using our online application system. CVs received via email will NOT be considered.

The closing date for submission of applications is Monday 12th April 2021.



Commercial Analyst at BRALIRWA: (Deadline 12 April 2021)

BRALIRWA is looking for a qualified, dedicated & experienced individual to fill the position of Commercial Analyst located in Kigali, Rwanda reporting to the E-Commerce Manager.


The Commercial Analyst is the Single-Source-Of-Truth in the Bralirwa Sales organization. He/She collects and report data about market trends, category performance, Execution and business opportunities in order to maximize efficiency and revenues.



  • Analyze data and produce insights to management and the Sales Leadership for decision making in order to build business dashboard and design interactive reports and scorecards;
  • Responsible for the Single-Source-Of-Truth platform in order to uphold the sales system data quality and develop controls to mitigate the misapplication of sales systems and data;
  • Collaborate with revenue management, business control and P&CI in matters of revenue management and standard Operating Procedures for data governance development and ensuring continuous compliance as well as development of sales and cross-functional reporting systems;
  • Coordinate the data driven sales and collaborate on system and features for continuous development of data driven models, standardization of data structure and change management;
  • Responsible for the demand planning to ensure volume forecast, annual, strategical and tactical planning as well as consistent S&OP cycle;
  • Coordinate the team of analysts for delivery of all resources on time, accuracy of sales transactions, customer data postings, develop and maintain the enterprise data warehouse.



  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or related majors;
  • 3 to 5 years working in a Commercial or Tech industry
  • 3 to 5 years in a business & data analysis position
  • Experience in working with structured and unstructured data will be an added value
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Good knowledge of data management using programming languages like SQL, Python, etc.
  • Good knowledge of data analytics tools (Power BI, Ms Excel, Tableau, etc.)
  • Good understanding of Consumer, Customer and market trends
  • Must have the drive to win, take one’s responsibility, passion, collaboration and integrity

The closing date for submission of applications is Monday 12th April 2021.





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