4 JOB POSITIONS AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )

4 JOB POSITIONS AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )



4 JOB POSITIONS AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )


Engineer AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )


Job Description

Responsible on
– site for works contracts, contractors progress and quality of work and materials, certifying of contractors payment claims as well as assisting the Community Development specialist and agreed community activities on technical matters.

Job Profile


– Hold a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or closely related fields and be professionally qualified.

– Have at least 7 years of field working experience in broad
– based construction management covering civil, highway, drainage, structural, geotechnical engineering, with at least 3 construction projects in senior positions over extended periods.

– Have experience with multi
– sector projects and construction management of projects in urban environments;

– Experience on multilateral funded projects is preferred;

– Proven experience in multi
– agency liaison and reporting and excellent communication ability in English and/ or French, and advanced computer skills.

– Work experience in developing countries is necessary.








Procurement Specialist AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )


Job Description

Responsible for liaising with and advising Procurement Committees on the various works, goods and service packages to be bid and for compiling any necessary, RFPs, Short listing reports, Bid and Proposal evaluation reports and ensuring all necessary contract documentation is in order


Job Profile


– Possess an undergraduate degree or equivalent in civil engineering, or procurement;

– Have at least 5 years of working experience including no less than 3 years of experience in performing assignments related to procurement field;

– Have good knowledge and understanding of both international and national procurement procedures, processes and practices (knowledge of World Bank procurement is an advantage);

– Have good knowledge and understanding of the government administrative systems as well as the government’s clearance and approval procedures applicable to procurement

– Have ability to apply good judgment and interpretative skill in dealing with procurement
– related issues including common technical and commercial aspects of bidding and bid documents, bid evaluation, contracts and other procurement documents;

– Have good skills and ability in effectively communicating and coordinating with project staff, consultants, government officials and the World Bank staff;

– Have ability to communicate in English and or French, and have basic computer and internet skills






Social Safeguards Specialist AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )


Job Description

Working with Community Groups to inform communities on pilot project components;
Work with valuer and surveyor and keep those to be resettled informed;
Work with communities to identify persons to be part of regular Engineer/Contractor progress meetings;
Be responsible for disseminating information to communities; identifying areas where communities could assist in operation and maintenance of their communities;
Be the KUUT point for receiving, passing on and advising on any complaints that may be received from the public regarding the works.

Job Profile


– Hold a Master’s degree in Social studies or related fields,

– Have at least 5 years’ experience of working on urban development projects with community participation;

– Have experience with national and World Bank Resettlement Policy Frameworks (RFP), Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) and of the implementation of such Frameworks and Plans;

– Have experience of Community Participation methodologies and community development in general;

– Be familiar with Rwanda expropriation regulations;

– Be familiar with World Bank Social Safeguards procedures and safeguards requirements;

– Have worked on urban development projects.






Financial Specialist AT CITY OF KIGALI : ( Deadline : 22 November 2019 )


Job Description

Responsible for overall financial management of the pilot project; keeping appropriate financial records of pilot project expenditures; liaising with CoK Departments and relevant central government departments to ensure contractors and consultants are paid on time; financial reporting as required by GoR and WB documentation; assisting with annual project audit requirements

Job Profile


– The project accountant should hold a valid professional accounting qualification that is internationally recognized and should have at least 5 years post qualification experience in a senior accounting position in a public or private sector including experience in the financial management of international construction contracts with large investment projects.

– Good working level familiarity with modern financial management systems, including financial accounting systems, budgeting and control system, and computer skill are essential and fluency in English would be a major advantage.

– Highly motivated and self
– starter person and he/she should able to work effectively as a member of a team.

– Be able to communicate in English and/ or French

– Communication ability in English, French and Kinyarwanda constitutes added value









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