45 Enumerators for Never Again Rwanda (Deadline: 01 october 2018)

45 Enumerators for Never Again Rwanda (Deadline: 01 october 2018)

Terms of Reference for the part-time position of enumerators for the Survey on Resilience for Reconciliation in Rwanda

  1. Study Background

Never Again Rwanda, in partnership with Interpeace and other 5 organizations based in Burundi and DRC have been implementing a programme known as Trans-Border Dialogue for peace in the Great Lakes Region since 2013. This programme vision is a Great Lakes Region where there is peace, stability and social cohesion through strengthened resilience capacities for peace and reconciliation, inclusive and responsive governance and regional cooperation.

The Programme uses Participatory Action Research (PAR) among its core strategies to achieve its objectives.  Currently, the programme is conducting a research on “Resilience for Reconciliation” in Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this regard, Never Again Rwanda seeks to hire 45 enumerators to carry out household interviews across Rwanda.

  1. Study objectives

This study aims to identify existing capacities within communities to cope with the consequences of violence and risk in the context of identity manipulation and conflict; to transform relationships, interact and live together peacefully and sustainably. Specifically, it aims to:

  • Identify the effects of conflict on the living together of groups, communities (local, national and regional) and within families.
  • Engage the community members to identify and analyze the endogenous factors that enable/boost cohabitation beyond the consequences and effects of the conflicts that they went through.
  • Engage with the community members to identify actions that could be mobilized, replicated or developed for greater impact in the sustainable management of conflicts and in the prevention of violence in the future as well as the stakeholders in these actions.
  1. Roles and Responsibilities

  • Carry out household survey interviews on resilience for reconciliation in different locations (across the country) selected  to that end;
  • Enter and send timely collected data via allocated tablets;
  • Ensure that the data is collected from the right households and  people (as selected by the team leader)
  • Ensure that collected data reflects responses provided by respondents and that it is well captured in the required format/software
  • Document and communicate  to the field supervisor  issues encountered during data collection exercise
  • Avoid causing conflicts and troubles with other team members during the field work
  1. Required skills and competencies

The desired candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Being a Rwandan national
  • Holding at least a bachelors’ degree in any social sciences field;
  • Prior experience with quantitative data collection (at least 3 household surveys) in Rwanda is a must;
  • Prior experience with the survey on reconciliation, social cohesion, resilience  and peacebuilding at large is preferred;
  • A good understanding of the sociopolitical context of Rwanda is  a pre-requisite
  • Prior experience with tablets and smartphones is an asset;
  • Ability to work and stay  in any location of the country;
  • Prior experience in providing psychosocial support to people with the psychological/emotional problem is an asset;
  • Excellent communication in Kinyarwanda is mandatory and command of either English or French is required;
  • Ability to maintain the anonymity/confidentiality of people and trust with people;
  1. Duration of the assignment

The quantitative data collection activity will be scheduled in October 2018 and will last 17 days.

  1. Mode of recruitment and application

Interested candidates will submit applications which should include application letters and CVs. The CVs should indicate the education background, previous data collection assignments conducted, names and contacts of clients, as well as other relevant information justifying their qualification, skills, and experience.

Applications should be sent to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]  with subject:  Application for Enumerator Position, not later than 01 October 2018 by 5:00 pm.




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