JOB AT Agriterra : Business Advisor- Master’s Degree in Business law : ( Deadline : 17 May 2019 )

JOB AT Agriterra : Business Advisor- Master’s Degree in Business law : ( Deadline : 17 May 2019 )



JOB AT Agriterra : Business Advisor- Master’s Degree in Business law : ( Deadline : 17 May 2019 )



Farmer common sense in business


We are looking for people who are entrepreneurial, focused on performance, clients, and results, and able to work in a team


Agriterra is the development and advisory organization of the agricultural sector in the Netherlands. It focuses on strengthening the position which cooperatives and farmers’ organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America occupy in the market, in the supply chain and in consultations with governments. Agriterra uses peer-to-peer advice from the Dutch (cooperative) agri & food sector. These Agriterra experts, named agripoolers, share their experience in and knowledge of production improvements, service provision, agricultural extension, cooperative entrepreneurship and advocacy with their peers in other countries.


Agriterra aims to be a specialist in the field of increasing the business performance of cooperatives and farmers’ organizations in developing countries. Its ambitions in terms of service provision, knowledge, efficiency and efficacy are sky-high. Cooperatives and farmers’ organizations in developing countries can count on becoming stronger through adopting Agriterra’s advice. This is based on the concept that a strong and well-organized agricultural sector is necessary to ensure rapid economic growth and more equitable distribution of prosperity and democratic well-being.


Agriterra’s annual turnover is approximately 15 million euros and the organization has over 130 employees, both in the Netherlands and abroad. It has ISO certification and is a member of AgriCord, the alliance of agri-agencies.

For our activities in Rwanda, we are looking for


Business Advisor (m/f)


Location: Kigali


This person will provide expert advice, coordinate advisory trajectories with clients, and have an advisory and broker role in the closing of business deals aimed at building well-organized and operational cooperatives and farmers’ organizations. In order to achieve this, the successful candidate will initiate and maintain a network that will include cooperatives and farmers’ organizations, financial institutions, traders, service providers and other stakeholders in the value chain. He/she will initiate and guide change trajectories with clients and will lobby, mediate and support negotiation processes, as well as prepare business deals. This is, therefore, a dream job for a real pioneer!





Provide effective business advisory services to business-oriented farmer cooperatives.
Assess the functioning of farmer cooperatives.
Codesign action plans with cooperatives and follow-up on the implementation of these action plans.
Facilitate Agriterra’s state-of-the-art cooperative trainings;
Investigate opportunities to finance business plans of cooperatives, support the establishment of contacts and negotiate business agreements with banks, investors and other financiers (governments and the business sector).
Help develop financially sustainable structures within cooperatives and farmers’ organizations to enhance their service provision and agricultural extension to their members.
Provide clients with guidance relating to change trajectories, to promote the interests of farmers, associations and cooperatives, with the authorities of the relevant developing countries.
Collect and systematize information about clients and advisory processes, such as financial reports and annual overviews.
Build expertise in a specific area of interest (for example, governance or financial management) and/or on a specific subject or subject of current interest, with a focus on product development, in which he/she will act as the expert point of reference, both within and outside the organization.






Educated in a Master’s program in Business law or a similar field.
Certified as Cooperative Governance Trainer.
Certified as ILO MyCoop trainer.
Experience as a business advisor for business-oriented farmer cooperatives.
Extensive experience in and knowledge of one or more of the fields in which Agriterra achieves results, such as cooperative business development, market chain development, agricultural service provision, entrepreneurship, governance, and financial management.
Extensive relevant practical knowledge and experience in the dairy value chain.
Extensive relevant practical knowledge and experience in the sugar cane value chain.
Extensive relevant practical knowledge and experience of farmer cooperatives, governance structures, financial management, and business operations;
Able to analyze financial statements;
High level of proficiency in Kinyarwanda, English, and French.
Enthusiastic focused on results and service, and with adequate advisory or training skills.


What we have to offer


A position which requires you to be highly self-reliant and use your pioneering skills in order to operate in dynamic international markets and in close cooperation with the agricultural business sector.
At Agriterra, the work environment is collegial and ambitious, and the focus is on achieving results. As a business advisor, you will be working under the direct supervision of the country director of Agriterra Rwanda. Whenever necessary, you will work in collaboration with other Agriterra employees in the region.
Agriterra is offering a full-time position for a period of one year, with the intention of extending the contract. The working conditions and additional benefits are good. The salary offered will depend on your experience, age, and family situation.



Are you interested?


Are you interested in this position and do you fit the profile?
Apply before May 17th, 2019, with a cover letter and curriculum vitae, by sending a mail to [email protected] for the attention of Mr. J.A.B. Spikker, country director of Agriterra Rwanda. If you require further information, you can also contact him by sending an email to [email protected]


Acquisition of this vacancy will not be appreciated.


Cooperation is the strength of Agriterra!



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