Job at AIMS : Social Media Coordinator (Deadline: 25 April 2018 )

Job at AIMS : Social Media Coordinator (Deadline: 25 April 2018 )

Job at AIMS : Social Media Coordinator (Deadline: 25 April 2018 )

Job Description

– To manage all files related to debt recovery especially those related to money spent by SGF on accident caused by non
– insured vehicles;

– To engage with debtors using a variety of means to obtain information including complete address which can be used in the debt recovery process and to ensure that debtors are advised of their position and the procedures that will be followed to recover the debt. Some contacts may be outside normal working hours;

– Prepare recovery letters and other related documents and transmit them to different debtors and stakeholders;

– Keep an aged record of debts and monitor their payment in order to have information and report bad and good debtors;

– To manage recovery actions on debts owed to SGF in accordance with different regulations

– To update and maintain appropriate systems to ensure that all recovery measures are based on correctly held data;

– To keep a record of all seized vehicles having caused accident without insurance and make sure that their auction is conducted according to what is provided for by the law;

– Engage with debtors and reach a realistic and affordable payment plan which is informed where possible by an accurate financial statement, then prepare reimbursement agreements with them, submit them for approval to the DG, insure they are signed by both parties.

– Monitor execution of reimbursement agreement;

– To advise the Management of SGF on issues affecting the debt recovery processes, both in general terms and on individual cases.

– Maintain an extensive knowledge of statutory requirements and recognized good practice in connection with recovery procedures including areas of political and environmental change that affect benefits and entitlements of customers.

– Collaborate with SGF’s lawyers in order to present best evidence in courts of law,

– To Collaborate and maintain good working relationships with different stakeholders of SGF including National Police, RRA, NIDA, NPPA, Local authorities, ….

– To provide monthly, quarterly and annual report on recovery activities evolution and submit them his hierarchic supervisor in the required format.


Job Profile

At least Bachelor’s degree in Business law, Law, Finance, Management, Marketing, Accounting

Knowledge and experience

– A knowledge and understanding of debt recovery principles and the legal process for debt recovery;

– Understanding of and commitment to Customer Care principles;

– Knowledge of using computer based IT systems including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc.

– Proficiency in the use and application of arithmetical skills.

– Commitment to customer care, confidentiality, and deliver services that are value for money,

Skills and abilities

– Ability to maintain and sustain a productive and effective working partnership with stakeholders;

– Ability to effectively communicate in a patient, sympathetic and tactful way.

– Ability to work under own initiative and meet targets set;

– Ability to work in a team based environment


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