Job at ALU : Computer Science Faculty

Job at ALU :  Computer Science Faculty

We are looking for someone who has expertise in the field of computing and likes to keep in touch with the latest evolutions of Computer Science Education. Someone who is constantly trying to understand the root causes of why certain challenges exist in the field and who would like to work with us on overcoming them by educating  brilliant young minds; someone who has always dreamt of having more space to experiment on Computer Science Education and pioneering new engaging learning experiences that are suited to pan African students.


At ALU, we aim to move away from the conventional, lecture-based approach to teaching Computer Science. Our early efforts include forays into project-based learning and coding dojos. Our longer term ambition is to experiment with evidence based research and new approaches to learning Computer Science; i.e. drawing on lessons from leading Computer Science Programs and Boot camps around the world while considering additional questions related to Computer Science in African contexts. The key goal of our Computing Degree Program is not just to prepare our students to think like “Computer Scientists”, but to also help them develop the skills to design, develop, and most importantly apply fundamental concepts and techniques of computation, algorithms, and computer design to a specific design problem. We are also giving them the ability to think and understand the societal implications of the work being performed in this rapidly changing world.


ALU academic programs use project-based assessment, active & experiential learning, flipped classrooms, and peer-to-peer teaching to create a rigorous, engaging, and effective learning experience. As our Computer Science faculty, you will work closely with our Head of Degree Program and Learning Design Lead to curate powerful and engaging learning experiences. Your time will be divided between applying best pedagogical practices in Computer Science in class, measuring their results, making the call to “use it or lose it”; and actually engaging with students in some of their amazing projects such as coding dojos, building algorithms to trade cryptocurrencies and setting up their very own hackathon. On a higher level, you will be involved in the co-creation of a vision and strategy for the program, setting up the path that will allow students to extend the skills they learned to the outside world as the future leaders of the African Continent.


  • Advanced degree (preferably a PhD) in Computer Science or a related field
  • Industry expertise or a deep understanding of the major domains and trends in Computing
  • Have experience working with diverse and/or international organisations
  • Some teaching or facilitating experience (formal or informal)
  • Desire and enthusiasm to work with students
  • Understanding of best practices for learning pedagogy in computing
  • Enthusiasm to push boundaries
  • Comfortable working in uncertainty





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