JOB AT ARCT – RUHUKA : Accountant : ( Deadline : 15 February 2019 )

JOB AT ARCT – RUHUKA : Accountant : ( Deadline : 15 February 2019 )


JOB AT ARCT – RUHUKA : Accountant : ( Deadline : 15 February 2019 )




Rwandese Organisation of Trauma Counsellors

Tel.: (+250) 0787104307

P.O. Box 717, Kigali

Email: [email protected]





1. Background Information


The Rwandan Organization of Trauma Counselors ARCT – Ruhuka is a National Nonprofit making Organization, formed in April 30th, 1998 and officially registered under the Ministerial Decree No.97/11 on 28 July 2004 and registered by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). The organization was started to support survivors of psychological trauma, through integrated and holistic services for prevention, care, and healing to facilitate recovery for sustainable unity and reconciliation, peace and development.

Vision: ARCT-Ruhuka envisions a Rwandan society where people are psychosocially healthy.

Mission Statement: To lead the development and application of innovative approaches and strengthen professional capacity in understanding, preventing and treating psychosocial problems.

ARCT-RUHUKA operates countrywide and has been intervening in the field of psychosocial trauma that contributes directly to building peace at individual, family and community levels through different projects, under four major programs: Training, Counseling and Clinical Supervision, Information Education and Communication and Institutional Capacity building.

The organization operates on donor funding and own resources from members and service delivery.

ARCT-Ruhuka wishes to recruit for a qualified and motivated candidate for the position of Accountant.

Purpose of the position:
To support /contribute to the overall functioning and effectiveness of ARCT-Ruhuka department of Finance and administration to achieve its mission and vision.


Key Duties:


The Accountant will be based at ARCT-Ruhuka Headquarters in Kigali and will report to the Director of Finance and Administration. The successful candidate will support the finance department, organization planning, budgeting, and administration.

The incumbent will play a critical role in partnering with the senior leadership team in strategic decision making and operations of ARCT-Ruhuka to enhance its quality programming, budget /finance management and build the capacity of subordinates to maximize and strengthen the internal capacity of a well-reputable, accountable and transparent organization.


4. Major Responsibilities


To ensure transparent financial management of the organization and project funds;
Prepare financial requests and reports to be submitted to financing agencies/donor on time as stipulated in the partnership agreement
Prepare payments and purchase orders whenever necessary;
Make daily entries into SAGE software of all data on financial transaction made;
Alert the Program team, the DAF and the ES about the progress of the burn rate for the project funds, on monthly basis;
Ensure that financial documents are complete and properly filled;
Prepare well in advance for and participate in financial audit exercises (internal and external) of the organization;
Any other reasonable task as requested by the DAF.




Specific responsibilities :


Use the accounting system to manage and maintain the accounting requirement of ARCT-Ruhuka in compliance with Rwandan Tax laws, organization Policies and signed MOUs ;
Management of the data file and the appropriate filing of the electronic and hard copies of the financial documents and reports;
Prepare monthly financial statement (reports) per project for further analysis and approval by the DAF respecting the deadlines agreed upon internally and as per the contractual obligations with the funding partner;
Ensure regular monitoring of the bank account (s) and Bank reconciliation;
Carry out calculation of the payroll for all ARCT-Ruhuka staff on the basis of valid contracts;
Verify all documents in accordance with the procedure manual and other procurement regulations before payment in cash or by check;
Be knowledgeable about and follow strictly procurement procedures as per the partnership agreement and ARCT-Ruhuka procurement policies in place;
Supervise petty cash management (support supervision on best management practices as per the policy, spot checks etc..)
Keep updates of Organization assets (Annual inventory) and stock records
Verify payment requests against existing budget lines for programmatic activities;
Prepare payment vouchers appropriately in accordance with existing financial guidelines;
Prepare purchase orders as per approved financial transactions;
Monitor the project bank account to avoid issuing empty checks;
Monitor money spent against the budget on a regular basis and report to DAF regularly, to ensure budget lines are utilized as planned ;
Enter daily all financial transactions into SAGE software (The accounting software used at ARCT-Ruhuka);
Collect and file all financial justification/supporting documents
Ensure that genuine financial documents are collected and filled
Ensure that project checkbook are secure at all times in a safe;
Arrange all documents relating to all financial transactions of the organization properly with respect to the set ToR/audit requirements




Applications for the position above should be submitted to ARCT-Ruhuka the following documents:

Application letter addressed to the Chairperson of ARCT-Ruhuka
Signed CV with most recent previous experiences and at least 3 referees
Notified Copies of Degrees and Certificates
Copy of ID
Qualifying candidates can submit all the required documents not later than 15/02/2019 at 10:00 am to ARCT – Ruhuka Head offices in Kibagabaga, Kimironko sector; Gasabo District, KG 312 Str or send by Email with all the required documents attached to: [email protected] in PDF format.

For any other information, please contact us on telephone no. (+250) 787104307.

Done at Kigali 08/02/2019

Annonciata KALIGIRWA

Chairperson – ARCT-Ruhuka




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