Job at GISAGARA DISTRICT :Land, Infrastructure and Community Settlement Officer (Deadline: 24 April 2018)

Job at GISAGARA DISTRICT :Land, Infrastructure and Community Settlement Officer (Deadline: 24 April 2018)

Job at GISAGARA DISTRICT :Land, Infrastructure and Community Settlement Officer (Deadline: 24 April 2018)


Job Description


– Provide land
– related notary services to service seekers as per the competencies set forth by the law;

– Implement District’s strategies and programs on land and infrastructure in conformity with existing national policy, rules and regulations;

– Avail necessary data for the issuance of land titles and constitute a database of used and unused land in the Sector.

– Identify infrastructure facilities needs at the Sector level and report them to competent authorities;

– Follow up on activities related to infrastructure works in the sector;

– Implement the District habitat and community settlement plan in conformity with existing rules and regulations;

– Advise on settlement programmes, development and implementation in the Sector in conformity with the District’s strategy and national policies;

– Receive and examine application files for construction and deliver authorization for the rehabilitation of infrastructure;

– Prepare building rehabilitation permits to be issued by the Sector and closely inspect the implementation of the settlement plan;

– Supervise the implementation of strategies and mobilization mechanisms of local population for National Domestic Biogas and Improved Cook Stoves Programs at Sector level;

– Organize, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, rescue and social assistance of victims of disasters at sector level

– Provide data necessary for the functioning of National Early Warning and the Disaster Monitoring Information Systems;

– Work with specialized organizations to organize sessions of disaster simulation and rescue of people

– Organize and conduct campaigns meant to raise local population awareness on preparedness for disaster and its management

Job Profile

A0 / A1 in Land Management, Civil Engineering, Geography, Rural Settlement, Urban Planning


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Knowledge of Rwanda’s Land, Infrastructures and Community Settlemen

– Deep understanding and knowldge of the Rwandan and regional context for Infrastructure development

– Computer Skills;

– Organizational Skills;

– Communication Skills;

– High analytical Skills;

– Complex Problem Solving;

– Time management Skills;

– Team working Skills;

– Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage






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