Job at Global Green Growth Institute : Senior Officer (Deadline: 04 June 2017)

Job at Global Green Growth Institute : Senior Officer (Deadline: 04 June 2017)
Job at Global Green Growth Institute : Senior Officer (Deadline: 04 June 2017)

The Senior Green Growth Officer is in charge of developing substantive inputs and analyses to the development, delivery, and assessment of work programs and activities at country level with a particular focus on the development of FONERWA; organizing program activities across green growth planning, capacity building and country specific knowledge development for effective result deliveries under biannual/annual program plans;  maintaining effective program reporting and communication internally and externally in line with GGGI corporate policies, standards and protocols

GGGI is supporting the Government of Rwanda to implement its Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy through strengthening the National Fund for Climate Change and Environment (FONERWA) whose mandate is the pursuit of a green economy for Rwanda. The Fund has in this regard sought to pursue an increase in the local, regional and international understanding and awareness of the fund. FONERWA is primarily designed as a grant-based, demand-led basket fund that accepts project proposals on a biannual basis through a competitive call for proposal process. FONERWA is capitalized from grants and aid, donations and bequests, as well as domestic environmental fines and environmental impact assessment fees. FONERWA’s Secretariat is management by a Fund Management Team whose role is to ensure a smooth operation of the Fund.



  • Assess issues and opportunities within targeted sectors for development and formulate projects within the context of the country program;
  • Implements specific programs or projects, including budget, project monitoring and evaluation and propose strategic partnerships that support among others resource mobilization to enhance FONERWA intervention capacity.
  • Apply institutional strategy (“GGGI Strategic Plan 2015-2020”) and country engagement strategy (“Country Planning Framework”) to the design and development of yearly program plans and activities for the alignment with GGGI core values and corporate priorities
  • Analyze dynamic contexts and evolving green growth needs & priorities of the country and integrate them into design and implementation of country program plans and activities
  • Support identification of funding gaps in the programmed activities of the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy and EDPRS II Green Economy priority interventions identified and a resource mobilization plan for FONERWA prepared and operationalized.
  • Develop result reporting of program activities internally and externally   and Build support and understanding working closely with national counterparts for application of green growth in development planning;
  • Provide capacity strengthening support to GGGI, MINIRENA and REMA to ensure successful resource mobilization to fill identified funding gaps in programmed activities and priority interventions.
  • Develop project models that align with national development priorities and can be promoted to the donor community.
  • Ensure knowledge transfer on environment and green growth to GGGI, MINIRENA, REMA and officials of other relevant state institutions, private sector and civil society organizations, and share lessons with the GoR and GGGI’s global network.


  • Advise Country Team and Representative with evidence and data driven substantive inputs and analyses on program activity development to support FONERWA to effectively mainstream green growth and climate resilience across economic sectors of the Rwandan Economy
  • Collaborate with other country teams, units and divisions of GGGI on identified joint activity opportunities to ensure integrated delivery as “One GGGI”
  • Maintain active professional relations with partner governments and other key stakeholders to capture and integrate their changing green growth needs and manage “client” expectations.
  • Promote green growth and the GGGI methodology with the donor community and other stakeholders in guiding FONERWA resource mobilization, the development of business cases and funding proposals
  • Advise GGGI on opportunities for engagement in the national context, demonstrating effective adaptation of the GGGI approach;
  • Support to produce knowledge products like portfolio performance reports, priority sector outlook papers, case studies and policy briefs that are most likely to influence implementation and how the fund positions itself to respond to emerging needs.
  • Assist FONERWA coordinator in his day to day functions related to Institutional Development in preparing and executing climate responsive policies and plans and the wider ENR sector in the broader mainstreaming of environment and climate change issues in development planning and implementation.


  • Identifies project delivery issues and ensures effective coordination of project activities and resources to ensure attainment of objectives against established timeframes.
  • Organize program activities including policy consultation and validation meetings & workshops, capacity building programs based on yearly/ biannual work programs and budget plans
  • Develop project execution modality and documents across project management cycle per country.
  • Perform data collection and analyses to build and maintain country specific knowledgebase
  • Develop result reporting of program activities and facilitate internal and external communications
  • Capture lessons learned in project management to support refinement/improvement of existing policies and procedures.
  • Ensure tools and skills transfer to GGGI, MINIRENA, REMA and implementing sector stakeholders for effective implementation of Green Growth and Climate Resilience programs of action and for EDPRS II Green Economy priorities.




  • At least a Master’s Degree in the areas of environmental sciences, resource economics, policy and research, or related development studies with demonstrated interests in climate change related issues or related discipline.
  • At least 7-year progressive experience at the national or international level in providing program management and advisory services in environment, integrating green growth and climate resilience in national development programs, sustainable development strategy, policy, planning consulting or project management position including climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated relevant practical work experience in the field of sustainable development and climate change at national, regional and international levels.


  • Sound understanding of evidence-based environmental, climate change resource efficiency and low-carbon production and consumption approaches in sustainable development programming. Competency and experience in knowledge and skills transfer in environment and natural resources management in developing countries.
  • Demonstrated relevant practical work experience in the field of sustainable development and climate change
  • Demonstrated experience in training and capacity building of national and sub-national staff is required
  • Demonstrated skills in policy support, research and analysis are required.



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