JOB AT Global Health Corps: Supply Chain Officer

JOB AT Global Health Corps: Supply Chain Officer

JOB AT Global Health Corps: Supply Chain Officer


LOCATION: Kigali, Rwanda
Role Overview
Solid’Africa is scaling up significantly in the coming year and will go from supporting 400 vulnerable patients up to 1000 in the capital city of Kigali. Strengthening supply chain practices will be a central part of this work. The Supply Chain Officer will be responsible for supporting and providing suggestions for improving Solid’Africa’s procurement processes, by collaborating with the supplies, food prep, and operations teams.


Assess the current supply chain process and develop a strategy to update it for maximum efficiency and productivity. This includes every stage of the supply chain: market and farm suppliers, storage practices, inventory, daily meal orders, food preparation, quality control, food packaging, and delivery
Research and present best practices in food supply chain to the Solid’Africa Leadership team for input, feedback, and decision making
Suggest solutions for process improvements
Remain mindful of resource availability and budget restraints
Oversee overall quality control
Collaborate with suppliers, food prep, and operations teams to gather required information and implement new supply chain processes and procedures
Identify any process bottlenecks and implement solutions in a timely manner
Determine supply chain KPIs for weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting needs
Train employees on the supply chain process
Work with the management team to determine best suppliers and distribution method

Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required

Bachelor’s degree*
At least 2 years of experience in procurement, supply chain, or logistics management, including processes and procedures*
Experience initiating a new process or improving an existing process or outcome, ideally developing and implementing a new supply chain or related project*
Demonstrated project management skills with the ability to ensure internal and external collaborators achieve a time-bound goal or project*
Experience in with financial management/accounting
Working proficiency in Kinyarwanda and/or French
Previous experience with supply chain management software
Past success in a high-performing organization, eagerness to apply best practices
Self-motivated, highly organized individual who is flexible and hard working
Creative self-starter who is able to apply their skills and experience to update and create efficient supply chain processes for a rapidly growing organization
Excellent time management and organizational skills, demonstrated by the ability to research, plan, and execute a supply chain strategy with effectiveness and a high level of ownership and accountability
Strong teamwork and collaboration
Demonstrated maturity and professionalism in a working environment
Great interpersonal and communication skills

About the Organization

Solid’Africa is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2011 with the mission to help vulnerable patients in public hospitals. The primary goal is to accelerate patient recovery and preserve their dignity during public hospitals stays. Through five main programs, the organization provides balanced diets, hygienic products, clean water and financial support to access drugs, diagnostics and care in cases not covered by the national public health insurance. Currently we are able to support 400 patients each day but we know the daily need in the capital city alone is 1500+ and are working towards meeting this significant need. In order to do this we are building an industrial kitchen that will be ready in early 2019. This kitchen will allow us to reach thousands of vulnerable patients. Our target population is all types of inpatients from a socio-economic background that can be considered as vulnerable. This includes children, women and men. We provide daily healthy meals, financial support with medical bills and medicine as well as transport to get travel home after discharge from hospital as many patients live outside of the capital city. We also focus on advocacy and awareness in health and nutrition.

ROLE FUNCTION: Operations / Logistics, Supply Chain Management / Procurement
ISSUE AREA: Food Security / Nutrition, Health System Strengthening





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