Job at IPRC Kigali : Legal Affaires Officer (Deadline: 22 August 2018)

Job at IPRC Kigali : Legal Affaires Officer (Deadline: 22 August 2018)

Job at IPRC Kigali : Legal Affaires Officer (Deadline: 22 August 2018)

Job Description

1. Collect and keep in records all laws, decisions related to jurisprudence in the area of complaints of interest to the institution.
2. Analyze files to ensure legal compliance.
3. Provide practical legal opinions to ensure that the appropriate legal approach is taken on arising matters in accordance with existing laws.
4. Provide legal advice on tender documents.
5. Review ongoing cases and advice management accordingly.
6. Review and advise the management on legal compliance of internal policies and procedures.
7. Ensure proper recording of all legal documents and precedents where the institution was involved.
8. Provide legal advice on contract disputes settlement.
9. Draft legislative instruments (rules and regulations, MoU).
10. Ensure proper legal compliance on documents produced within the institution with legal implications.
11. Represent the institution before the court in case he/she is entitled to do so.
12. Represent the institution in forums when legal affairs are discussed.
13. Carry out legal research and highlight potential problems that may engage the liability of the institution.
14. Perform any other tasks assigned by her/his supervisor.


Job Profile

Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Key Technical skills and Knowledge required :

– Deep knowledge of Rwandan public service and labor law;

– High analytical and problem solving skills;

– Legal research and analysis in complex areas of law;

– Knowledge of Substantive Law and Legal Procedures;

– Decision making skills;

– Experience in contract drafting and negotiation;

– Excellent communication skills ;

– Very effective organization skills;

– Team working skills;

– Computer skills;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English or French.




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