Job at IPRC MUSANZE : MATRON ( Deadline :25 July 2018 )

Job at IPRC MUSANZE : 	MATRON ( Deadline :25 July  2018  )

Job at IPRC MUSANZE : MATRON ( Deadline :25 July 2018 )


Job Description

Develop and implement a rational and transparent room allocation system and keep good records of it.
Prepare cleaning standards and schedules for student hostels and to ensure that they are adhered to.
Monitor daily management of student hostels and to ensure their integrity and that facilities provided in them are maintained.
Ensure that students pay their hostel fees to the Institution before allowing them to take up residence in the hostels and to follow up any outstanding payments.
Liaise with the nurse to follow up and give guidance to sick students.
Provide counseling services to students
Participate in the establishment of student union executive committee
Cater for requirements of students with special needs, such as those that are physically handicapped.
Assist female students with special needs.
Work with students to form clubs and encourage others to join them
Promote cultural activities among students
Investigate any cases of indiscipline, possession and/or abuse of drugs, as well as possession and/or consumption of intoxicating substances in student hostels and initiate disciplinary procedures where such cases arise.
Report indiscipline cases to relevant authorities
Perform any other tasks assigned by his/her supervisor

Job Profile

A1 or A2 in Education, Humanities, Management and Sociology.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Highly motivated and energetic person.

– Considerable fortitude, resilience, patience, a well developed work ethic
, awareness of the needs of young people, and a sense of humour.

– Able to support the students under them in the academic, spiritual and
domestic spheres

– A good communicator and with a clear understanding of the post and its responsibilities.




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