job at LOCAL ADMINISTRATIVE ENTITIES DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: Social Safeguard Specialist(deadline 03/April/2018)

job at LOCAL ADMINISTRATIVE ENTITIES DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: Social Safeguard Specialist(deadline 03/April/2018)


Job Description


•Supervise and review the preparation of RAPs in direct consultation with the impacted communities and other stakeholders as per the disclosed RPF;
•Ensure a satisfactory implementation of the RAPs through frequent visits to the investment sites;
•Keep the community in general and the impacted households in particular informed of the project schedule through public meetings;
•Disseminate the Environment and Social Management Plans to ensure that the community is aware of the project impacts and mitigations during the construction phase;
•Establish the Grievance and Redress Mechanism and ensure that the complaints are adequately documented and addressed;
•Monitor the implementation of ESMP with support from the Mobile team;
•Engage citizens for the identification of the second phase investments;
•Support the preparation of Social Impact Assessments and Resettlement Action Plans for physical investment prepared by consultants for the second phase investments, and ensure that social issues are identified and addressed early in the process, which may include issues related to complex land acquisition and resettlement issues;
•Ensure that all social assessments are prepared with active public consultations and community participation.
•Review TORs related to the aforementioned areas, based on the thorough analysis of statutory, customary and regulatory frameworks, the nature of investments and their impacts, so as to ensure compliance with the World Bank’s safeguards policies and framework.
•Generally act as a community liaison person and be the social “eyes & ears” for the SPIU and the District;
•Maintain regular communication with SPIU and the project team at MINIFRA; and
•Prepare bi
– annual progress reports

Job Profile

A0 in Social Sciences, Development Studies, Community Development, Economics, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Public Administration, Management with 3 years of experience or Master or Equivalent in the same fields


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Extensive knowledge and understanding of decentralisation system;

– Knowledge in social Development strategies;

– Ability to assess and analyse impact;

– Technical understanding of system being analyzed and how it affects the various business units.

– Creative, proactive, customer focused, solutions led and outcome driven;

– Interpersonal Skills;

– Effective communication skills;

– Time Management Skills;

– Decision making Skills;

– Computer Skills;

– Judgment & Decision making skills;

– High analytical & Complex Problem solving Skills;

– fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an





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