Job at MINECOFIN : Director of Local Gvt Internal Audit Unit (Deadline: 05 April 2018 )

Job at MINECOFIN : Director of Local Gvt Internal Audit Unit (Deadline: 05 April 2018 )

Job at MINECOFIN : Director of Local Gvt Internal Audit Unit (Deadline: 05 April 2018 )

Job Description

Supervise local Government internal audit teams (Provinces and Districts and District hospitals)
Coordinate risk assessment and annual planning of internal auditors in LG;
Conduct joint audits with internal auditors in LG;
Prepare quarterly consolidated reports on LG internal audit reports;
Prepare quarterly consolidated reports on implementation of IA and EA audit recommendations;
Quality assurance review of internal audit units in LG;
Prepare training materials and train internal audit Units of Local Government entities;
Supervise and coach internal auditors in districts and district hospitals on assignments;
Conduct performance audit assignments;
Support teammate users;
Support data analysis tool users;
Support the implementation of risk management in public entities;
Develop and monitor internal audit strategic plan and action plans;
Develop capacity building plan and provide continuous professional development to internal auditors and audit committees;
Develop audit manuals and guidelines for internal auditing, risk management and audit committee;
Monitor appointment of audit committees and evaluate effectiveness;
Consolidate audit committee reports;
Maintain internal auditors and audit committee members database;
Prepare departments activity reports;
Conduct quality assurance review of reports and internal audit unit;
Prepare consolidated risk assessment reports.
Lead and coordinate the elaboration of annual performance contracts for staff under his/her supervision;
Lead and coordinate the performance evaluation for staff under his/her supervision.

Job Profile

A0 in Accounting, Finance, Management with specialization in Finance/Accounting or Accounting/Auditing Professionnal Qualification recognised by IFAC or by the Institute of Internal Auditors (ACCA , CPA, CIA, etc ) with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or Management with specialization in Finance/Accounting with 1 year working experience

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Knowledge of accounting principles and practices;

– Knowledge of finance principles;

– Knowledge of financial reporting;

– Proficiency in relevant accounting software;

– Strong Analitycal Skills;

– Excellent Leadership Skills;

– Technical accounting skills;

– Planning & Monitoring Skills;

– Organizational Skills;

– Communication skills

– Problem analysis and problem
– solving skills

– Team work

– Confidentiality




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