Job at Ministry of Education: Girls Education Officer (Deadline: 24 July 2019)

Job at Ministry of Education:  Girls Education Officer (Deadline: 24 July 2019)

Job at Ministry of Education: Girls Education Officer (Deadline: 24 July 2019)

Job Description

•Ensure the Girls’ Education policy and Strategic Plan is updated and implemented
•Perform the role of the Gender Focal Point for the Ministry of Education and ensure colleagues are kept involved about all gender policy and key service delivery issues;
•Monitor and Evaluate the implementation of girls’ education policy
•Produce report to inform policy makers
•Work closely with the District Directors of Education and the Sector Education Officers and the MINEDUC School Construction Unit on the promotion and implementation of the Girls’ Education Policy and Strategic Plan and the Girls School Campaign at the local level.
•Work closely with REB to ensure that criteria concerning gender balance are clearly defined within the operations of the GoR Student Loan Scheme.

•Work closely with the EMIS Professional Officer, colleagues and relevant stakeholders to ensure the appropriate level and flow of information and statistical data required for monitoring and evaluation purposes through the EMIS system in order to support the implementation of the Girls’ Education Policy and Strategic Plan
•To identify an Annual Plan of key training needs or consultancy interventions that supports the implementation of the Girls ‘Education Policy and Strategic Plan.
•To manage the Girls’ Education training and consultancy budget and ensure that any consultancy and/or training has clear terms of reference in line with the Girls’ Education Policy and Strategic Plan, is procured according to MINEDUC procurement rules and the work of the consultants and/or trainers is monitored and evaluated.
•Provide support to other colleagues in the Ministry of Education and/or the education sector, as required, and make a sound contribution to ensuring the schools achieves its annual performance targets.


Job Profile

Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Education Sciences, Education Public Policy, Education Planning, Sociology specialisation in Education, Education & Development. Key technical skills & knowledge required:
– Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Rwanda Education Sector;
– Good knowledge of government policy
– making and legislative processes;
– Knowledge of the Education sector;
– Analytical, problem
– solving and critical thinking skills;
– Strong Leadership Skills;
– Technical understanding of system being analysed and how it affects the various business units;
– Good at handling and meeting deadlines;
– Multi
– tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with project scope changes;
– Able to work well with both internal and external clients;
– Good presentation skills, and ability to communicate with various audiences, including end users and managers;
– Interpersonal skills;
– Collaboration and team working skills;
– Administrative skills;
– Time management skills;
– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English or French; knowledge of all these three (3) languages is an advantage.




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