Job at Ministry of Education: Legal Advisor (Deadline: 10 April 2018 )

Job at Ministry of Education: Legal Advisor (Deadline: 10 April 2018 )

Job Description

• Collect and keep in records all laws, decisions related to jurisprudence in the area of complaints of interest to the institution.
• Analyze files to ensure legal compliance.
• Provide practical legal opinions to ensure that the appropriate legal approach is taken on arising matters in accordance with existing laws.
• Provide legal advice on tender documents.
• Review ongoing cases and advice management accordingly.
• Review and advise the management on legal compliance of internal policies and procedures.
• Ensure proper recording of all legal documents and precedents where the institution was involved.
• Negotiate contracts.
• Draft contracts and get them signed by concerned parties.
• Communicate signed contract to all concerned parties.
• Preserve all documents relating to the contract (negotiation minutes….).
• Monitor contract execution to ensure contract closure, extension or renew.
• Provide legal advice on contract disputes settlement.
• Draft legislative instruments (Laws and regulations, MoU).
• Ensure proper legal compliance on documents produced within the institution with legal implications.
• Work closely with parliamentary commissions to speed up the adoption of legal provisions in process.
• Work closely with other Institutions including the Office of Attorney General by providing necessary information on legal issues involving the institution.
• Represent the institution before the court in case he/she is entitled to do so.
• Attend regular coordination and validation meetings organized by the Ministry of Justice and other Institutions.
• Carry out legal research and highlight potential problems that may engage the liability of the institution.
• Propose new amendments and revision of existing legal instruments related to the mission and mandate of the institution.
• Initiate new legal instrument drafting if necessary.


Job Profile

“Bachelor’s Degree in Law with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Law

Key Technical skills and Knowledge required :

– Deep knowledge of Rwandan public service and labor law;

– High analytical and problem solving skills;

– Legal research and analysis in complex areas of law;

– Knowledge of Substantive Law and Legal Procedures;

– Decision making skills;

– Experience in contract drafting and negotiation;

– Excellent communication skills ;

– Very effective organization skills;

– Team working skills;

– Computer skills;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/or French.



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