Job at Ministry of Education: Planning and Costing Expert (contractual) (Deadline: 12 December 2017)

Job at Ministry of Education: Planning and Costing Expert (contractual) (Deadline: 12 December 2017)

Job at Ministry of Education: Planning and Costing Expert (contractual) (Deadline: 12 December 2017)


To contribute towards strengthening the planning and budgeting function of capacity building, and generic planning in beneficiary institutions of the Ministry of Education by supporting planning, budgeting, implementation, reporting and decision making.


1.Provide strategic direction, monitoring and evaluation of all planning initiatives in the education sector, and ensuring their effective contribution to national policies;
2.Lead the design, planning and monitoring of the Education Sector Long
– Term Strategic Funding Framework;
3.Lead the design, development and performance monitoring of the ESSP and its contribution to the successful implementation of the EDPRS3 and ensure a sound consultation process including the active engagement of Rwandan civil society;
4.Ensure the sound management and monitoring of the Integrated Education Management Information Programme, including the EMIS and National M&E and Impact Evaluation Programmes.



The purpose of this assignment is to support the Ministry of Education and initiate the link with other sub
– sectors in terms of strengthening planning and policy issues. This will be based on the already existing MINEDUC structure. This expert will assist Ministry of Education and their counterparts in delivering on their Education Key Performance indicators/ targets and will advise user departments that take part in planning and budgeting process. This expert will work in close collaboration with other concerned staff to ensure that relevant data/reports are collected, monitored and evaluated to support the Ministry in its mandate. Based on identified needs, the expert will also assist the Ministry’s counterparts to support partner / client organizations in their planning function and advice the Ministry’s management on planning issues.



•Support the planning function at the Ministry of Education and its agencies.
•Review consolidated plans from different units to ensure linkage between budgets and action plans to avoid mismatch caused by over budgeting or under budgeting;
•Support the preparation of Annual Mid Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF);
•Support the development of annual and quarterly plans in liaison with relevant units to ensure that the Ministry’s planning; including indications, inputs and targets are aligned with the Ministry’s Strategic plan and in conformity with national planning requirements;
•An analysis on the existing planning process and come up with a range of new features and tools to be used in CB interventions planning at the Ministry with its affiliated agencies and decentralized levels;
•Adequate staff capacities in planning generation through transfer of knowledge and skills;
•Monitoring, assessing, evaluating and feedback reports on coaching and mentoring;
•Review and update planning and reporting tools for the Ministry;
•Assisting the institutional and human resource capacity development programs of the Ministry by providing key performance indications for these activities;
•Support the development of costing and financing frameworks in the strategic planning process, plans and tools to support the Ministry, agencies, districts and sectors to effectively improve their capacity building;
•Ensure that education related activities (quarterly, annually, reviews and statistical reports) are successfully implemented and that relevant learning is documented, disseminated to staff within and outside the Ministry to inform future decisions;
•Coordinate the preparation, review and posting of all education reports and provide constructive feedback to all stakeholders in multiple formats;
•Ensure that planning process is based on formats required by MINECOFIN or different projects managed by Capacity Development and Employment Service Board (CESB);
•Coordinate the elaboration of the annual reports.

Job Profile


•PhD or Master’s degree in one of the following areas: Economics; Econometrics, Statistics; Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Organizational Development; Social Science, Research studies, MBA, Project management, Development studies and related field with at least 5 years of relevant working experience;
•At least five years’ proven international experience in Data
– Base Management and strategic planning;
•Demonstrated experience in project management (at least 3 years);
•Demonstrated experience in training, facilitation and coaching assignments.
•Professional Certification in strategic planning is an asset;



•Outstanding planning, coordinating, organizing and controlling skills;
•Good analytical skills;
•Ability to provide technical advice and build strong relationship with a wider range of stakeholders;
•Ability to deal with heavy work with minimal supervision;
•Demonstrate knowledge and strong interest in capacity development practices;
•Excellent coaching skills and ability to transfer knowledge and skills to others;
•Excellent computer, writing and communication skills.
•Strong interpersonal and networking skills;
•Demonstrate strong communication and writing skills with the ability to both draft and analyze documents and reports
•Ability to view the big picture and identify linkages between programmes and projects to share best practices across the government.




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