Job at Ministry of Education : School Construction Program Manager (Deadline: 24th July 2019)

Job at Ministry of Education : School Construction Program Manager (Deadline: 24th July 2019)

Job at Ministry of Education : School Construction Program Manager (Deadline: 24th July 2019)

Job Description

3. Duties and Responsibilities
? Under the overall supervision and guidance of the SPIU Coordinator, the duties and responsibilities of the School Construction Program Manager include but are not confined to:
? To timely prepare the yearly construction program activities, to be included into the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB), and to supervise its execution;
? To update and implement the COM and prepare reports as required for the implementation of the project.
? To work closely with the project staff on aspects related to the project for effective planning, implementation reporting, monitoring, evaluation and communication;
? To manage and supervise all activities performed by School Construction Specialists (SCS) which will be assigned to sub
– projects under both Home
– Grown School Construction and Conventional approaches, at a Provincial Level (each for one Province) and District
– based School Construction Field Officers who will also be assigned to sub
– projects under both Home
– Grown School Construction and Conventional Approaches;
? To plan, organize and manage the entire school construction program financed under WB
– IDA funds in close collaboration with the MINEDUC Construction Team, which oversees the School Construction Program financed under the domestic budget;
? To ensure that the program’s activities timely follow the required steps to be incorporated into the District Performance Contracts (Imihigo);
? To work closely with School Infrastructure Norms and Standards Unit at the Ministry level to ensure that the project is well coordinated and implemented with compliance to Norms and standards set by MINEDUC;
? To prepare technical specifications, guidelines, drawings and other documents required and share them with all project’s stakeholders countrywide to ensure quality assurance;
? To participate to the MINEDUC’s Internal Tender Committee for the procurement of centrally purchased materials and the selection of the sites insurance providers;
? To ensure that the SPIU timely finances the centrally procured contracts and that suppliers of materials purchased at central level timely deliver construction materials to the Districts’ warehouses;
? To supervise the preparation and the execution of the Financial Agreements between MINEDUC and Districts and ensure that the SPIU finances the Districts for their share of the costs of the Home
– Grown School Construction Approach, according to the Financial Agreements to avoid any delay;
? To supervise the preparation and the execution of the Financial Agreements between the Districts and the sectors and ensure that Districts finance their participating Sectors under the CDD sub
– project arrangement;
? To coordinate and supervise all project related construction activities and prepare progressive reports (Monthly, Quarterly, semi
– annual and annual) on the implementation of the Project as explained in Construction Operation Manual;
? To review proposed project activities and ensure that environmental risks and impacts are taken into consideration, properly mitigated and well documented; and ensure quality enhancement of site specific environmental management plans;
? To ensure that persons negatively affected by the project receive due compensation according to the Environment and Social Safeguards with Government timely secured;
? To work closely with Environmental Safeguards Specialist and Social Safeguards specialist to ensure that reporting, monitoring and evaluation fully address the safeguards issues of the project; providing a well
– documented, evidence
– based compliance reports to be incorporated into the project quarterly and annual reports;
? To identify and assess training needs of project staff and implementation partners; and organize the appropriate and required training sessions in respect to the implementation of construction activities, environment & Social Safeguards under the project;
? To participate in elaboration of Construction Handbook;
? To prepare a “flyer” explaining the specifics of the program aspect to be implemented through Home
– Grown School Construction Approach and ensure that the communication system uses this flyer to ensure that the information regarding the differences between the HGSCA and conventional approach are well understood;
? To ensure that all stakeholders participating to the HGSCA act according to the COM;
? To review Construction Operation Manual (COM) and update it as necessary on a yearly basis;
? To supervise the Districts’ and Sectors’ school construction activities under HGSCA, and ensure that Districts timely and completely perform a close supervision of the Sectors’ construction activities under the CDD arrangement;
? To consolidate the sub

– projects progress
– reports from all Districts, and prepare the reporting documentation on the School construction program for the SPIU coordinator, to be submitted to the National Technical Committee and the National Steering Committee and the World Bank;
? To prepare the TORs of the annual Technical audit, facilitate the audit, and ensure that recommendations are effectively considered;
? To coordinate required activities prior to construction activities start
? To prepare and participate to the Funder supervision missions and the Annual Reviews;
? Perform any other relevant duties.


Job Profile

The following are the required education qualification and work experience for the School Construction Program Manager.
• Hold a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction, Construction Management or any other related field with at least 5 years of working experience in construction field or a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction, Construction Management or any other related field with at least 6 years of working experience in construction field;
• The relevant experience should be in construction projects implementation, preferably with World Bank, AfDB, EU, other Donor’s funded projects or government institutions. Demonstrating knowledge and experience working with World Bank policies and guidelines; or with similar standards and policies of other multilateral development institutions is an added advantage;
• Relevant experience in managing large scale national construction programs of thousands of classrooms; with capacity to ensure timely delivery of the programs will be an added advantage;
• Relevant experience in Schools construction using Home
– Grown School Construction Approach to ensure the quality of works done using minimum resources available will also be an added advantage;
• High expertise in preparing construction activity plans, reporting and capacity to make prioritization from a pull of needs based on data available on ground;
• To have a minimum knowledge on environmental and Social safeguards related to schools’ construction;
• Have a good working knowledge of project cycle activities and project preparation and management;
• Have very good communication skills (written and oral) in English and Kinyarwanda. Good knowledge of French will be an added asset;
• Have planning and organization skills and good ability in working productively in a team environment of diverse backgrounds;

• Other skills: (i) Quantitative and analytic skills, (ii)working knowledge in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Microsoft programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), (ii) Ability to manage priorities and be detail
– orientated within a dynamic, fast
– paced environment, (iv) Work in a team environment to determine and/or review ideas to find solutions to problems, (v) Ability to work independently with limited or no supervision while maintaining a high level of efficiency and still upholding a team mentality.
5. Duty station
The School Construction Program Manager will be stationed at the MINEDUC SPIU office in Kigali; and will be travelling across the Country depending on the need.
6. Appointment
The appointment will be on contract for a period of 1 year with a possibility of renewal based on performance.





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