job at MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist( Deadline 14/March/2018)

job at MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist( Deadline 14/March/2018)

job at MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist( Deadline 14/March/2018)


Job Description

Role summary:

The Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist will work under the supervision of the SPIU Coordinator who liaises with the Department responsible for fiduciary operations (that includes M&E) of projects and programs managed by MINEDUC SPIU to ensure that there is compliance with national and donor planning, M&E and reporting requirements. Success in this M&E role, it requires an expert with a track record of monitoring and evaluating donor funded projects; coupled with the ability to multi
– task and meet deadlines while exercising due diligence and being meticulous given that compliance to national or donor standards are required.
The incumbent needs to have a passion for a strong work ethic, demonstrate integrity, while handling funds of different projects with multiple stakeholders in government and the development partners.

Technical Key Responsibility Areas

1. Set up/update the monitoring and evaluation framework for the projects/ programs managed by the MINEDUC SPIU
• Review and update monitoring and reporting tools
• Develop the overall framework of the monitoring and evaluation activities; clarify the responsibilities and prepare the work plan and the detailed budget for the monitoring and evaluation activities.
• Provide guidance and technical support on the work of the Monitoring and Evaluation in SPIU.
• Guide and coordinate the review of program log frames including: providing technical advice for the revision of performance indicators
– ensuring that realistic intermediate and end
– of
– program targets are defined
– conducting a baseline study on monitoring and evaluation for the entire commerce sector
– identifying sources of data, collection methods and resources needed and related cost.
• Establish contacts and engage with M&E units in project implementing partners on the monitoring and evaluation of project/programs, especially MINECOFIN and development partners.
• Review and provide feedback to the SPIU Coordinator on the quality of methodologies established to collect monitoring data, document and the protocols that are in place for the collection and aggregation of this data.
• Develop M&E strategies and improve M&E guidelines/manuals, frameworks, plans and tools to support project implementation, M&E and Reporting on project interventions
2. Coordinate the Implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities
• Design an operational framework to track process of project activities.
• Promote a results
– based approach to monitoring and evaluation, emphasizing results and impacts of projects.
• Coordinate the preparation of all monitoring and evaluation reports from project implementing in accordance with approved monitoring reporting formats and ensure their timely submission.
• Prepare Action Plans and Budgets in liaison with the relevant Divisions/Units to ensure that the project plans; including indicators, inputs and targets are aligned with the project agreements and in conformity with national planning requirements.
• Provide data to the Finance during the budget preparation and revision exercise, revise the action plan and budget as well as MTEF to accommodate emergent realities
• Prepare consolidated progress reports for the SPIU Management including identification of problems, causes of potential bottlenecks in implementation, and providing specific recommendations.
• Analyze the reports on project implementation and evaluate results of programs and projects;
• Ensure availability of relevant data for planning and evaluate the impact of the implementation of interventions by projects
• Check that monitoring data are discussed in the project steering committees and in a timely fashion in terms of implications for future action.
• Undertake regular visits to field to support implementation of monitoring and evaluation, check the quality of data produced, and to identify where adaptations might be needed; monitor the follow up of evaluation recommendations with Program /Project Managers.
• Foster participatory planning and monitoring; organize and provide refresher training in monitoring and evaluation for programs and implementing units staff, local government officials and other stakeholders with a view of developing sector monitoring and evaluation capacity.
• Ensure that M&E related activities are successfully implemented and that relevant learning is documented, disseminated to staff with and outside MINEDUC and used to inform future decisions
• Coordinate the preparation, review and posting of all M&E reports and provide constructive feedback to all stakeholders in multiple formats.
• Oversee the institutional monitoring and evaluation framework and plan for all projects and programs.
• Work with the FMS and project coordinators to help show value for money and impact of all Development Partner projects.
• Ensure that the planning process is based on formats required by MINECOFIN or different projects managed by institution.
• Coordinate the elaboration of the annual reports.
• Identify the need and develop the Tors for specific monitoring and evaluation activities and baseline survey.


Job Profile

Experience Profile ;

•At least a Master’s degree in the following: Economics, Project Management, or Development Studies, Planning and M&E with at least Five (5) years relevant experience working in M&E and planning in government programs or projects Or a Bachelor’s degree in the afore mentioned field with seven (7) years relevant work experience
•Demonstrated relevant experience in M&E of government or development partner funded programs/projects








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