Job at Ministry of ICT : HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER (Deadline: 30 December 2017)

Job at Ministry of ICT : 	HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER (Deadline: 30 December 2017)

Job at Ministry of ICT : HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER (Deadline: 30 December 2017)

Job Description

1. Provide support to supervisors and staff on recruitment and selection process:
• Participate in the development of recruitment policies and procedures; and monitor their implementation in the institution;
• Provide assistance to supervisors on staff recruitment;
• Lead the process of writing job descriptions and ensure that they are accurate;
• Prepare notices and advertisements for vacant staff positions;
• Participate in short listing and inform successful candidates’ dates of written and oral exams;
• Schedule and organize exams (written and interviews);
• Organize staff orientations (induction period);
• Ensure probation phase are concluded and reports made.
2. Provide support to supervisors and staff on skills and capabilities development.
• Conduct regular capacity needs assessment and identify training and development opportunities;
• Provide assistance in making human resource development plans;
• Organize staff training sessions, workshops and activities;
• Process employee requests for outside training while complying with policies, training plans and procedures;
• Access funding for training and write proposals.
3. Monitor staff performance
• Ensure all staff signed their performance contract on time and their compliance with duties and annual plan of action;
• Provide advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluation;
• Provide advice and recommendations on actions to be taken for performing staff (rewards) and non performing staff (sanctions).
4. Manage administrative and financial records of staff
• Update personnel records on a regular basis.
• Identify incomplete records and ensure proper filing.
• Prepare monthly salaries and allowances.
• Declare monthly and quarterly statutory contributions.
5. Monitor staff attendance activities.
• Monitor daily attendance of staff;
• Investigate and understand causes for staff absences;
• Recommend solutions to resolve chronic attendance difficulties;
• Monitor scheduled absences such as holidays or travel and coordinate actions to ensure the staff absence has been adequately covered off to ensure continuity of services;
• Recommend disciplinary measure for staff with unjustified absences.
6. Provide information and assistance to staff, supervisors on human resource and work related issues (Policies, regulations, etc).
• Ensure proper implementation of existing human resource management policies, regulations and procedures;
• Promote labor standards and workplace safety;
• Provide advice and assistance to staff and management on pay and benefits systems.
7. Managing logistics operations
• Develop and implement the methodologies and tools to enable effective execution of logistic plans;
• Ensure daily management of logistics in order to facilitate the proper functioning of works;
• Ensure the codification and record of material;
• Elaborate periodic inventory of fixed and non
– fixed assets to the competent authority on regular basis (monthly, quarterly and annual);
• Ensure the delivery of material or equipment ordered to the Institution;
• Organize and supervise distribution of purchased assets;
• Ensure maintenance of non
– fixed assets;
• Identify equipment that need to be replaced based on law related to amortization rate, and the status of material;
• Provide a written technical advice for the decommissioning of damaged or depreciated equipments;
• Participate in elaboration of Contract for maintenance, service and equipments.
8. Management of Stores
• Ensure the proper management of MiTEC stores;
• Ensure proper management of vehicles;
• Ensure proper management of fuel
• Elaborate a consolidation report related to all property to the competent authority on regular basis (monthly, quarterly and annual).

Job profile

A0 in Human Resource Management, Management, Public Administration, Administrative Sciences

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Knowledge of analysis of the existing system including policies, strategies and
plans related to Human Resources;

– Knowledge in the Development of Human Resources Policies and procedures

– Leadership skills;

– High analytical skills;

– Report writing and presentation skills;

– Computer Literate;

– Coordination, planning and organisational skills;

– Interpersonal skills;

– Collaboration and team working skills;

– Effective communication skills;

– Administrative skills;

– Time management skills;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an




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