Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE : Air Transport Senior Engineer ( Deadline:04 September 2018 )

Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE : Air Transport Senior Engineer ( Deadline:04 September 2018 )

Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE : Air Transport Senior Engineer ( Deadline:04 September 2018 )


Job Description

•Implement Transport policy and objectives with particular attention to airport Transport Infrastructure.
•Plan and develop air transport at national and international levels by applying systems and tools of planning at short, medium or long term, in a close collaboration with other members of the concerned staff.
•Prepare and follow up Programme implementation and Air transport infrastructure projects, at national and regional levels.
•Provide regular reports and technical notices, when necessary, on status of physical and financial execution of projects. A particular attention will be drawn to the problems that may hinder the smooth implementation and, preferably through anticipative approach, proposing reliable solutions to the matter.
•Supervise Air transport studies initiated by the Ministry or its Institutions; formulate recommendations in order to achieve expected objectives and results. The Expert will ensure the compliance with terms of reference and quality of reports provided by consultants in this domain.
•Put in place and assess data on national and international basis in conjunction with other Department and Institutions and provide regular reports on the status of air Transport.
•Provide recommendations to the Ministry of Infrastructure on strategic options enabling the unit costs reduction on construction, maintenance and the use of airports infrastructure.
•Formulate and implement policies, strategies, and programmes of security within Transport domain by making reference to international norms and standards in this domain.
•Formulate and implement policies, strategies, and programmes of empowering capacities in Transport, particularly for air transport infrastructure, either for public or private sector. Put in place training programs to continuously improve competences of national professionals at centralized or decentralized levels to handle air transport assignments.
•Perform any other task that might be assigned to him/her by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Job Profile

A0 in Transportation Engineering, Transport & Geo information Technology, Civil Engineering with 3 years of working experience in air transport or Masters degree in Transportation Engineering, Transport & Geo-information Technology, Civil Engineering.


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

Knowledge of computer modeling software;
– Knowledge of principles and methods for moving people or goods by air, including the relative costs and benefits;
– Knowledge in Quality Control Analysis Skills
– High Critical Thinking Skills
– Complex Problem Solving Skills
– Judgment and Decision Making Skills.




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