Job at Ministry of Infrastructure : Energy Efficiency Senior Engineer (Under Contract) (Deadline: 15 January 2018)

Job at Ministry of Infrastructure :	Energy Efficiency Senior Engineer (Under Contract) (Deadline: 15 January 2018)

Job at Ministry of Infrastructure : Energy Efficiency Senior Engineer (Under Contract) (Deadline: 15 January 2018)

Job Description

The Energy Efficiency Specialist will be responsible for working together with the Rwanda Energy Group (REG) and other stakeholders in organization of energy audits, EE monitoring, transfer of knowledge in the area of EE.
The Energy Efficiency Specialist is to perform the following functions:
Thematic presentations for local authorities and communities:
Preparation of the materials on energy efficiency and national priorities in this area including national experience of innovative technologies implementation in the field of energy efficiency

2.Preparation of the materials for the quarterly newsletters, which will contain information on best practices in other countries, as well as information about local activities, facilities, projects, successful experience in implementing energy efficiency projects

3.Participation in the information dissemination campaigns:

– Preparation of the materials for information stands in the pilot schools;

– Preparation materials for a series of themed publications, articles in the local mass media, press conferences, and extensive informational materials to the communities.

4.Development creation of the selection mechanism of the energy efficiency initiatives.

5.Development providing guidance (group, individual and on
– line) to applicants and issue the clarifications on the application process, if necessary.

6.Energy audits: Development of methodology for the energy audits buildings; Methodical, analytical support of the energy audits and analysis of the results. Control over compliance with methodologies and procedures of energy audits;

7.Development the methodology of the monitoring of the energy efficiency and energy savings

8.Development and local authorities and other stakeholders to develop Local Energy Efficiency Strategies, in particular based on analysis of the baseline data

9.Support the Energy Division in arranging co
– operation with current project partners and, as applicable, in establishing new, additional national and/or international partnerships to support the Project’s objectives.

10.Support the Energy Division in monitoring and evaluating the performance and outcome including calculation of energy savings and associated GHG emission reduction from energy efficiency measures. Support the Energy Division in monitoring the progress of the Project and

11.Participate in the development of periodic progress reviews and, as applicable, the annual Project Implementation Reviews.

12.Promote activities and results of the Project using other available means of communications and mass media.


Job Profile

A0 in Electricity Engineering, Energy Management, Electromechanical Engineering with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Electricity Engineering, Energy Management, Electromechanical Engineering.


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

Analytical skills and subject matter
– Capacity to work in a multicultural environmental
– Ability to work independently and make mature and proactive decisions informing management
– Knowledge and experience in operations of power plants, oil and refineries and funding for the energy projects.
– Knowledge to read interprete technical energy reports such as from geothermal drilling, hydrological data and technical feasibility reports
– Strong interpersonal and negotiating ability.




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