Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE: Fleet Management Senior Engineer (Deadline:18 April 2018)

Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE: Fleet Management Senior Engineer (Deadline:18 April 2018)

Job at MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE: Fleet Management Senior Engineer (Deadline:18 April 2018)


Job Description


•Develop national fleet management policy and strategy for both government and non
– government owned fleet;
•Develop, update and maintain national fleet registry;
•Oversee Government transport policy on vehicle loan scheme, car hire/lease and Government motor vehicles
•Initiate national vehicle yards and develop its management system;
•Set up mechanism for the management of vehicles on the yards and ensure compliance by institution in charge
•Work with relevant offices to develop vehicle auction procedures’ manual and supervise the activity;
•Establish a mechanism to develop property values for vehicles to be auctioned in partnership with professional bodies approved for the property values development
•Prepare approval documents for purchase of all government vehicles and vehicle options in conformity with government fleet policy
•Monitor if Km Indemnity and Lump sum allowances are up to date and coordinate its adjustment if any
•Coordinate periodic reporting exercise for institutions in charge of fleet management for government facilitated vehicle acquisition
•Ensure all temporary registered vehicles are submitted to MININFRA at the end of the term and are timely auctioned in line with existing laws;
•Provide related advice and direction to ministry and agency transport officers in charge of management of the fleet
•Supervise the staff in charge of fleet registration and management and periodically report to the management on the progress;
•Coordinate and consolidate the Annual Fleet Plan and the national budget for the acquisition of new vehicles
•Review information and reports on the Government vehicle fleet, and take action as necessary
•Conduct property transfer of government vehicle already auctioned to private people
•Ensure all government vehicles in service are all insured from insurance company which has signed agreements with the government to insure them
•Prepare technical specification of operation vehicles to be purchased on every fiscal budget for top officials (PRESIREP, Supreme Court, Parliament, PRIMATURE…);
•Organize and supervise transport for Special Honor Guests or during the cerebration of special national days;
•Get back operational vehicles from projects which end their missions and proceed to their reallocation to public institutions under demand or organize public auction if necessary.
•Prepare the vehicle loan contracts with Beneficiaries of the scheme as per Fleet Policy of Government of Rwanda;
•Monitor the Contract agreement management between transport service providers and the Government of Rwanda
•Prepare instructions and rules relating to the management of Government Fleet Policy in case it is necessary;
•Define adequate fleet database security policy
.Take charge of fleet operations like technical audits, auctions, inventory, monitoring and control of efficiency in fuel, maintenances, hires & Government fleet operations
.Maintain government Vehicles (GR and GP) and indicate those in service and those to be auctioned.

Job Profile

A0 in Mechanical engineering , Transport Economic, Urban Transport with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Mechanical engineering , Transport Economic, Urban Transport


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

knowledge of computer modeling software;
– Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance;
– Knowledge of principles and methods for moving people or goods by air, rail, sea, or road, including the relative costs and benefits;
– Knowledge in urban planning;
– Quality Control Analysis Skills
– High Critical Thinking Skills
– Complex Problem Solving Skills
– Judgment and Decision Making Skills 1 Fleet





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