JOB AT MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT : Procurement Specialist : ( Deadline : 11 June 2019 )

JOB AT MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT : Procurement Specialist	: ( Deadline : 11 June 2019 )


JOB AT MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT : Procurement Specialist : ( Deadline : 11 June 2019 )



Job  Description


Duties and responsibilities:
The Procurement Specialist shall deliver on the following duties and responsibilities:
• Overall, to ensure that the procurement process is guided by the key procurement principles; Economy, Efficiency, Fairness, Reliability, Transparency, Accountability and Ethical Standards and are in compliance with the procurement laws, guidelines and regulations of Rwanda and of the development partners.
• Advise management on the appropriate procurement approach depending on the nature and value of the goods or services to be procured;
• Assist MINALOC in obtaining the necessary non
– objections from its Development Partners;
• Ensure that procurements for the projects under SPIU are managed in line with the annual procurement plan;
• Prepare general notices, specific notices and request for expressions of interest to be advertised by MINALOC;
• Prepare bidding documents, request for proposals (RFP) in consultation with technical departments for MINALOC SPIU management;
• Contribute details of qualified suppliers and service providers to MINALOC’s database and provide regular updates;
• Establish and update regularly the project procurement plans spelling out the activities financed by the different projects. This should be done no less frequently than annually;
• Establish a reliable and comprehensive filing system for all procurements of the projects, depending on the modalities and project requirements;
• Take the full responsibility for attending the procurement processes, ensuring that all steps are properly undertaken, and procurement files are maintained in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Belgium, Government of Rwanda and other development partners’ requirements;
• Ensure that the procurement plan is advertised as well as on the websites of the Implementing Agency and the development partners where deemed necessary;
• Advise and assist the SPIU in preparing all the necessary documents including but not limited to call for expressions of interest, bid packages, bid document preparation,
• Attend and ensure smooth bid openings, evaluation process of the technical and financial proposals and coordinate the negotiation process when required;
• Ensure that input to procurement (Terms of reference) are timely obtained from relevant units;
• Assist with the drafting of contract or similar documents (depending of development partner’s requirements) between the MINALOC SPIU and the chosen service or goods providers after obtaining the non
– objection (if required);
• Ensure that goods or services are provided as stipulated in the contract provisions (timeframe and quality requirements), propose recommendations for the settlement of disputes which could occur during the implementation of the contract;
• In collaboration with the Contract Manager/user department., ensure a timely response of the Project to the consultant’s reports /goods delivery as well as the final approval of the consultants’ work/goods delivery
• In collaboration with the Logistics officer and other concerned parties, ensure timely reception of the goods and the works of the various contracts financed through MINALOC SPIU;
• Ensure that procurement procedures to be followed are outlined in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) under Procurement Manual Section and are in line with relevant procurement legislation and all Development Partners’ procurement guidelines;
• Advise all implementing entities on general contract management and monitoring;
• Support the Development Partners missions to review the procurement process
• Handle all other procurement work that may be assigned by the Supervisor;

The SPIU Procurement Specialist will work under joint supervision of SPIU Coordinator and Contracting and Finance International technical Assistant (ENABEL). S/he will work closely with the procurement team of the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) and the Internal Tender Committee, which oversees all projects implemented by the Ministry.



Job Profile

Position profile


• A0/ Bachelor in Procurement, Management, Accounting, Economics or Finance with 5 years of work experience in a public sector procurement role or Masters in the same fields with 3 years of work experience in a public sector procurement role;
• Obtained degree or ongoing studying of Master in Procurement and Supply Chain Management curriculum;
• Registered at the Supply Chain Management Association of Rwanda;
• At least 2 years of experience of working on a donor
– funded project procurement with very high level of integrity, zero tolerance to corruption and be disciplined;
• Have solid organizational and negotiation skills, including attention to detail, multi
– tasking and time
– management; strong analytical skills and ability to deal with complex issues in a clear and practical manner;
• Detailed knowledge of Rwanda public sector contracting laws, regulations and procedures, business and purchasing practices;
• Good knowledge of international procurement frameworks (Belgium and world bank regulations preferred);
• Excellent Communication Skills;
• Being able to get the right information to evaluate grades, qualities, supply and price trends of goods and service. Excellent management and planning skills;
• Good team working skills, time management and advisory skills;
• Good IT skills including Word, Excel and different ERP’s (E
– procurement, STEP, etc.)
• Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English, knowledge of French is an advantage








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