Job at Ministry of Public servce and Labour : Chief Labour Inspector (Deadline: 24 May 2017)

Job at Ministry of Public servce and Labour :  Chief Labour Inspector (Deadline: 24 May 2017)

Job at Ministry of Public servce and Labour : Chief Labour Inspector (Deadline: 24 May 2017)

Job Chief Labour Inspector Organization MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SERVICE AND LABOUR
Level 4.III Reports To Director of Labour Administration
No. of Positions 1 Deadline 24/May/2017
Job Description
• Coordinate the Labour inspections into the districts: Prepare the technical instructions for the Labour inspectors • Verify the respect of the periodicity of the inspections on all the territory per sectors of activities • Develop and elaborate a guideline for the Labours inspectors • Proceed to punctual inspections on the field into the private enterprises and industries • Establish fair working relations between the employers organisations, the workers trade-unions, and other professional associations • Organise information campaigns at national level to sensitize the employers and workers on their rights and obligations; • Implement mechanisms facilitating the development of good relationships between employers and workers • Analyse and settle the problems of the representativeness of professional organisations • Analyse the files, received at the ministry, on complaints that have not been settled at the level of the district and provincial inspectors • Give pertinent advices on the cases • Follow the evolution of legislation and regulation compliance in matter of work and social security by the enterprises: Analyse the periodical inspection reports received from the districts Labour inspectors • Work out the statement of the respect of the regulation in matters of labour and employment at national level • Promote collective sector agreements: Verify that the collective conventions are correctly applied • Play the role of Obdusman in the negotiation of the national collective agreements • Manage collective labour dispute having a national audience ; • Settle the litigation between professional associations; • Follow the development and conclusions of the Court • Participate to the think tanks to improve the legal texts regulating the labour and employment in Rwanda ; • Collect and preserve the decisions on cases setting legal precedent in Labour laws • Formulate proposals to improve the working conditions • Contribute to the preparation of international agreements and of the conventions related to Labour and Employment
Job Profile
A0 in Law, Labour Administration, Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Management, Labour Psychology; Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required : – Extensive knowledge and understanding of Labour policies and law; – Ability to conduct investigations in complex establishments; – Mediation and negotiations skills; -Analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. -Technical understanding of system being analyzed and how it affects the various business units. -Good at handling and meeting deadlines. -Multi-tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with project scope changes. -Able to work well with both clients from Public and Private Sector. -Good presentation skills, and ability to communicate with various audiences, including end users, managers. -Self-starter with leadership skills in order to take charge of or facilitate requirement-gathering sessions. -Strong attention to detail organizational skills. -Quick learner who is easily able to learn new products, systems, applications and technologies



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