Job at msh( management sciences for health): Local Functional Analysis Consultant

 Job at msh( management sciences for health): Local Functional Analysis Consultant

  • local Functional Analysis Consultant

    Job ID: 13-10124
    Location: Rwanda-Kigali
    # of Position: 1
    Group/Office: HPG
    Dept/Unit: GEN (General)
    Project/Program: A406 – Rwanda RHSSA
    Reports To: Chief of Party


To support the assignment, the USAID Rwanda Health Systems Strengthening (RHSS) Project is seeking qualified professional(s) to carry out the functional analysis of the HIGE. The consultant(s) will work closely with the RHSS Project team throughout the entire assignment. RHIC has approached the RHSS Project and requested technical assistance to carry out a functional analysis (FA) of the Rwanda HI environment and governance functions. The main objectives of the FA are to:

  1. Analyze how critical and essential functions of a well-governed HI national environment are currently defined, understood, assigned, and covered by the various key institutional players/actors in Rwanda;
  2. Identify gaps in essential functions; and
  3. Provide decision-makers with policy options and recommendations towards better governance of the HI ecosystem.

The assignment will involve developing a conceptual framework that clearly describes the ideal situation for a well-governed HI environment. The framework, coupled with a thorough situation analysis, will define the current HI environment in Rwanda in a structured way.

The formal setting: Clearly understand the roles and functions of concerned actors as formally defined and assigned (set up) by laws, regulations, Ministerial orders, etc. Clearly determine how key roles and functions are defined and assigned. This is to identify gaps in the formal settings definitions and attributions compared to the referenced conceptual framework retained for the FA.

Compliance with the formal setting: Assess whether formally defined and assigned roles and functions are actually assumed and exercised by the concerned actors or not; if they are, measure the extent to which they are understood and/or applied; if not applied, identify why and which institution is presumed to assume and exercise the given role and function. This is to understand actors’ degree of understanding and compliance with formal settings in place.

The assignment will be performed in two main phases/steps:

  1. Elaboration of the conceptual framework and the situational analysis: The first part of the assignment will entail consultant(s) to undertake a thorough and extensive desk review of existing HI laws, policies, regulations and existing frameworks (from the literature) to identify and adapt or develop a conceptual framework that incorporates the vision and broader functions of a well governed HI environment and how the different players relate to each other. The conceptual framework will guide the situation analysis and gaps identifications of the current HI environment. Additionally, the consultant(s) will consult key informants through interviews and focus group meetings to obtain their perspectives on the current situation, on what a well-functioning HI environment entails and the best way forward.
  2. Analysis of gaps and formulation of policy options and recommendations: This part of the assignment will consist in identifying the gaps in the governance of the current HI environment and formulating policy options and recommendations to address them.

Two deliverable will be prepared, one at the end of each step:

  1. Report – part one: conceptual framework, situational analysis of the HI environment in Rwanda;
  2. Report – part two: gaps analysis and formulation of policy options and recommendations.

Both reports will be subject to reviews for inputs and validation. The design and implementation of the study will be done in close consultation with RHIC and MOH. A steering committee of the FA will be set-up to guide and oversee its design and implementation. The consultant(s) will advise on the composition and establishment of the committee and contribute to the elaboration of the TORs for the committee.

Specific Responsibilities

The in-country consultant will drive the FA on a day-to-day basis and will be managed by the RHSS Project team with technical oversight from the home office. The in-country consultant will support the FA as follows:

  1. Team up with and support the international consultant through the entire assignment.
  2. Designing of the functional analysis.
  3. Proposing a functional conceptual framework taking into consideration the broader vision and functions of a well-governed HI environment.
  4. Carry out a situation analysis through key informant interviews and a desk review of key documents.
  5. Do a gap analysis in regard to each key function and at each level of the health system.
  6. Organize a validation workshop to approve key recommendations and policy options (perhaps through 1 or 2 workshops)

Deliverable: inception report, report part 1, report part 2, and a policy options paper.



  • Dates of Consultancy: August – October 2018
  • LOE: 35 consultant days for the local consultant


Deliverable Expected time frame Level of effort
    Local Consultant
1.      Inception, conceptual framework and situational analysis report By August 31th, 2018 15 days
2.      Gap analysis and formulation of policy options By Sept 15th, 2018 10 Days
3.      Workshop for validation and dissemination of the findings By Sept 30th, 2018 5 Days
4.      Final report incorporating all recommendations and policy options By October 15th, 2018 5 Days
Total 35 days

Qualifications and Experience


  • Public health expert with a masters’ degree in any of the following: health economics, finance, economics, insurance, health service management or other related field;
  • At least ten years of professional experience related to HI management, development or establishment of HI systems in Rwanda or low/middle income countries;
  • Proven experience in documenting, reporting and publishing programs activities and achievements in HI fields or insurance sector in general;
  • Proven experience with functional analysis, organizational assessment or similar processes;
  • Strong English fluency required, including speaking, writing, understanding, and reading;
  • Knowledge of the HI system in Rwanda.


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Be proactive, resourceful, and creative;
  • Strong working knowledge in research, technical writing, copy-editing conventions, document layout, author rights and permissions, fact-checking;
  • Proficiency in French.

Background Information

Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a global health nonprofit organization, uses proven approaches developed over 40 years to help leaders, health managers, and communities in developing nations build stronger health systems for greater health impact. We work to save lives by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health. Since its founding in 1971, MSH has worked in over 150 countries with policy makers, health professionals, and health care consumers to improve the quality, availability and affordability of health services. Working with governments, donors, non governmental organizations, the private sector, and health agencies, MSH responds to priority health problems such as HIV & AIDS; tuberculosis; malaria; maternal, newborn and child health; family planning and reproductive health; and chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and lung and heart disease. Through strengthening capacity, investing in health systems innovation, building the evidence base, and advocating for sound public health policy, MSH is committed to making a lasting difference in global health.

EEO Statement

Management Sciences for Health is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, or veteran status.

Reports To

Chief of Party
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