Job at NATIONAL COMMISSION OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY : Advisor to the Executive Secretary (06 February 2018)

Job at NATIONAL COMMISSION OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY : Advisor to the Executive Secretary (06 February 2018)

Job at NATIONAL COMMISSION OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY : Advisor to the Executive Secretary (06 February 2018)

Job Description

1. Provision of Strategic and Technical Advice:
• Advise the ES on matters relating to and/or affecting the running of the NCST Secretariat.
• Provide briefings to ES on matters affecting NCST in general and ES Office in particular.
• Make briefs and provide advice to the ES on matters relating to the activities and mandate of the Council
• Attend the audiences of the ES, the General Management Meeting and meetings with stakeholders including government institutions and partners, and write minutes on the decisions/actions and ensure that the latter are well captured for easy follow
– up.
• Co
– ordinate with NCST departments/offices to prepare and review briefings, memos and reports going to ES
• Draft and/or review speeches and any other message to be delivered by the ES.
• Analyze information (documents, files, reports, etc.) and issues brought to the attention of the ES for consideration and action, produce an executive summary thereof where appropriate and advise on alternative solutions;
• Analyze the annual performance report of the National Council for Science and Technology and provide advice on areas of improvement;
• Oversee the coordination of employees under the ES office
• Supervise the ES Administrative Assistant(s).
• Perform any other duties assigned by the ES related to secretariat

2. Support in planning mechanisms and monitoring processes:
• Follow up and update the ES on the implementation progress of the planned council’s activities.
• Monitor progress and ensure timely delivery on projects, and tasks of the NCST across different departments
3. Coordination of tasks in the ES’s office:
? Monitor and follow up on the actions and decisions made by the ES;
? Report progress of the implemented actions;
4. Monitoring and Follow up of the ES’s office Activities:
? Ensure that reports, (monthly, Quarterly, Bi- annual and annual reviews) are submitted on time

Job Profile

Master’s Degree in Computer Communications,Sciences in Communication(s), Computer Science, Strategic Communication, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Technology, Communication studies with at least 3 consecutive years of qualifying working experience, most preferably on the same/similar position and in a Science and Technology related field.

Knowledge of and experience in Public Relations can be an advantage.

Special notice:

– NCST is an institution worth working for that provides a high
– functioning work environment, with effective management, professional development and recognition for a job well done.

– This position is highly executive and gives opportunity for fast growing.

– The candidate must be able tofixand channel a variety of things (multitasking) and should have a very good broad knowledge.

– Applicants are urged to follow carefully each and every detail to make sure they really meet the requirements.



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