Job at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS OF RWANDA: Census program Manage(Deadline :08 October 2018 )

Job at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS OF RWANDA: Census program Manage(Deadline	:08 October 2018  )

Job at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS OF RWANDA: Census program Manage(Deadline :08 October 2018 )


Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

a) To supervise, lead and coordinate the work of the staff of the unit;
b) To plan and organize all Censuses;
c) To participate in the preparation of the Unit Annual Work Program, Budget and Annual Report;
d) To ensure that all censuses activities are executed and done in a timely manner according to deadlines;
e) Draft the project document for Census;
f) Develop a communication strategy for the Census
g) Supervise the publication of final statistical results,
h) Coordinate the data analysis activities
i) Developing the census mapping project document with details about methodology, approaches and processes for:
a. Mapping and data collection tools
b. Updating the existing administrative boundaries units
c. Delineation of census enumeration area units adhering to the existing administrative units
d. Geo
– locating and addresses for existing housing units
e. Workflow for field data collection, verification, validation, and maps production, Human resource organization, requirements, and terms of reference, GIS software and hardware infrastructure for census mapping, Census mapping budget.
j) Advise on the acquisition of satellite imagery and data
– sets from different sources and preparation of technical specifications of mapping tools and equipment
k) Installation, setting and maintain the GIS system hardware and software and other equipment to ope rationalize the census mapping
l) Designing the census geo
– database and initiate quality control measures to ensure the databases confirm to defined accuracy standards
m) Automating the quality Assurance/ Quality control procedures with the GIS software’s environment for a daily basis field work monitoring within census mapping, pre
– enumeration and enumeration process)
n) Development of training manuals for GIS lab staff, field staff and enumerators about GIS census operations and map usage and readings
o) Preparation of census result publication plan including selected theme for mapping and census atlas, a classification scheme for thematic maps and spatial analysis processes to produce additional statistics required for the census result presentation and feeding the NISR online geoportal with thematic and geographic data sets form the census
p) To work closely with Census Unit and other different Units in charge of particular census for the production of a master sampling frame for other surveys and planning other censuses
q) Assist in identifying, organizing, and participate in capacity development activities for staff involved in censuses within the institution
r) Establishing a coordination framework with key government and non
– government agencies toward the achievement of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure to avoid duplication of effort in regard of spatial data collection.
s) To report regularly to the Deputy Director General on the work of the unit.
Job Profile
Required Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor Degree or higher in Geography, Land survey, with at least five (5) years of experience in related activities (GIS, Surveys or Census);

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
• Demonstrated ability in designing and conducting the mapping of censuses or household, business/establishments, agriculture in Rwanda will be an added value;
• High Analytical Skills;
• Negotiation Skills;
• Knowledge of basic business and purchasing practices;
• Excellent Communication Skills;
• Time Management Skills;
• Decision making Skills;
• Computer Skills;
• Excellent abilities in the use of ArcGIS desktop, mobile and online, QGIS, ERDAS Imagine advanced MS Excel with XLs form standards, online imagery platforms, etc.
• Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; Knowledge of all is an Advantage.





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