Job at Nyagatare District : 86 Positions available (Deadline: 05 May 2017)

Job at Nyagatare District : 86 Positions available (Deadline: 05 May 2017)

Job at Nyagatare District : 86 Positions available (Deadline: 05 May 2017)

Nyagatare district would like to recruit well motivated and competent staff to fill the following vacants posts:

1. Executive secretary at Cell level (26): re-advertized

A2 in social sciences,art and sciences with 3 years of working experiences

2.Socio-economic development officer at cell level (39) re-advertized

A2 in humanity sciences, education, agriculture,rural development

3.Labour inspector (1)

A0 in law, labour administration,public administration,administrative sciences,management,labour psychology

4. Start up development officer (1) re-advertized

A0 in entrepreneurship, cooperative development ,rural development, business administration, agribusiness management

5.Territorial administration and decentralized governance officer(1) re-advertized

A0 in political sciences, governance, administrative sciences, local government studies,law,education sciences,public administration,social work,international relations, sociology, public policy

6.Construction permitting officer(1)

A0 in architecture,urban planning, civil engineering,rural settlement

7.JADF officer(1) re-advertized

A0 in development studies,political sciences,international relations, governance, administrative sciences,public administration, management, economics

8. Civil registration and notary at sector level (2) re-advertized 

A0 in law

9.Secondary and TVET officer (1)

A0 in education sciences or bachelor of sciences

10.Sector education officer (1)

A0 in education or education psychology

11.Land administrator(1)

A0 in land administration,law,public administration,administrative sciences,rural settlement or bachelor of sciences

12.Road development and maintenance engineer (1)

A0 in civil engineering, architecture, public works, construction

13.Electricity maintenance officer(1)

A1 in electrical engineering,electrical sciences with 2 years of working experiences,or A0 in electrical engineering,electrical sciencies

14.ITC/MIS officer(1)

A0 in Geography,topography with specialisation in remote sensing and GIS

15.Animal ressource officer(1)

A0 in veterinary sciences, livestock, medical animal sciences. He/she should have a certificate in artificial insemination and must have registered in veterinary council.

16.Good governance and specific programs officer(1) re-advertized

A0 in political sciences,public administration,administrative sciences,public management, governance, local government studies, social work sociology with 3 years experience.

17.In charge of Nyagatare Youth center(1)

A0 in social works,cultural anthropology, sociology,clinical psychology,education sciences, information and communication technology, history, physical education and sport, management,public administration or bachelor of arts

How to apply 

Interested candidates fulfilling above requirements should submit an application form available at Nyagatare district website or public service commission website,photocopy of required degree/ diploma not notified and national ID. Application should be submitted to the central secretariat of Nyagatare district not later than 05/05/2017 at 5:00 pm.







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