Job at Nyamagabe District: 14 Positions available for HEAD OF HEALTH CENTER A0/A1 (multiple) (Deadline: 08 November 2017)

Job at Nyamagabe District: 14 Positions available for HEAD OF HEALTH CENTER A0/A1 (multiple) (Deadline: 08 November 2017)

Job at Nyamagabe District: 14 Positions available for HEAD OF HEALTH CENTER A0/A1 (multiple) (Deadline: 08 November 2017)

Job Description

1. Plan the activities of the Health Center taking into account the priority needs felt by the community, the available resources and the national health policy.
2. Coordinate and supervise the implementation of activities programmed and adopted by the Health Committee.
3. Ensure a good reception of the patient as part of his activity and supervise the quality of the reception by the other members of the team.
4. Supervise the in charges of curative, family planning and hospitalized follow-up in the realization in the realization of their activities
5. Participate in the management of normal deliveries in collaboration with the person responsible for this activity.
6. Plan, supervise, and participate in IEC activities in consultation with other members of the health centers health team.
7. Supervise rational consumption and good management of Essential medicines and medical consumables, available at the health facility level.
8. Supervise all the curative and preventive activities practiced in the Health Center.
9. Supervise compliance with hygiene rules and asepsis applied at the Health Center level.
10. Ensure the proper maintenance of the premises and equipment of the Health Center
11. Provide in-service training for staff.
12. Regularly evaluate the quantitative and qualitative results of the activities carried out in the Health Center.
13. Organize regular meetings with health personnel to assess the level of progress of the programs and to discuss organizational or technical issues affecting the activities of the Health Center.
14. Ensure the implementation of Ministerial directives, District recommendations or National Programs.
15. Participate regularly in Health Committee meetings
16. Prepare with the Health Center Accountant and the Treasurer of the Health Committee the Treasury Report and the financial statements to be presented to the Health Committee.
17. Participate in the development of quarterly budget forecasts, in collaboration with other members of the Health Committee.
18. Mobilize the community for effective participation in the management of its Health Center, under program and financial management.
19. Conduct community visits to find out what the actual needs health and awareness of how to take charge of one’s own health.
20. Organize regular meetings with health facilitators to help them plan their activities and solve the problems encountered.
21. Evaluate the training needs of health workers and organize required training.
22. Participate actively in meetings and seminars organized by the Ministries of Health and other local and national institutions.
23. Maintain a climate of collaboration with all local authorities and other authorities
24. Propose to the competent authorities the annual assessments of staff working within the Health Center.
25. Submit regular statistical reports required by the Ministry of Health or other partner institutions.
26. Prepare and submit a monthly, quarterly and annual report of the health center’s activity to the sector level with a copy to the hospital.
27. Write and transmit any other interim report requested by the hierarchy.

Job Profile

A0 General Nursing, Nursing Sciences or Midwifery with special training and 3 years of working experience

Key Technical Skills and Required knowledge:

– Active Listening & Observation Skills – Social Perceptiveness – Care, Compassion and Communication Skills – Infection Prevention and Control Knowledge – Nutrition Management Knowledge – Skills on Dealing with emotionally charged situations – Computer knowledge (Work Processing, Power Point and Internet) – Analytical and problem solving skills; -Time management skills; – Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; Knowledge of all is an advantage.




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