Job at Readvertisement:IT and Business Continuity Specialist (Deadline: 28 March 2018 )

Job at Readvertisement:IT and Business Continuity Specialist (Deadline: 28 March 2018 )

Job at Readvertisement:IT and Business Continuity Specialist (Deadline: 28 March 2018 )

Job Description

• Ensures that the disaster recovery (crisis management) and business continuity plans drive disaster recovery (DR) strategy and procedures.
• Establish and maintain the overall plans for executing all DR procedures and understand their interdependencies.
• Establish and maintain detailed DR communications and command and control plans through a change management process.
• Work with the IT technical staff to ensure that disaster recovery solutions are adequate, in place, maintained, and tested as part of the regular operational life cycle.
• Develop and understand all testing necessary for a successful DR execution.
• Responsible for creating the Disaster Recovery Plan , Schedule and lead all DR exercises.
• Provide ongoing feedback for risk management, mitigation, and prevention.
• Regularly report Disaster Recovery activities and incidents to upper management.
• Act as liaison for auditing and examination of disaster recovery processes.
• Help ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines.
• Implementing and monitoring policies and procedures ensuring the overall integrity of the system.
• Maintains various contingency plans in case of emergencies, so that the information is not destroyed and can be easily retrieved.

• Managing and updating the information in order to avoid any discrepancies.
• Managing the entire process of the disaster recovery process.
• Involved in planning and integrating the disaster recovery functions of IT and the overall business processes.
• Involved in the execution of the recovery planning and process.
• Providing the highest level of protection and safety to the enterprise.
• Coordinating with the security functions of the enterprise.
• Responsible for managing the continued operation of the business’ infrastructure.


Job Profile

A0 in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering , Diploma in field with 2 years working experience in Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or other relational database, Certification in Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL is required

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required :

– Expert knowledge of all database vendor versions;

– Proficient in designing, writing, editing, and debugging programs and databases;

– Preferably having working knowledge of JSP, JavaScript, Web services, XML, ASP, JSP, PHP, UNIX, Linux, Redhat Linux

– Good interpersonal communication skills and ability to work with others under pressure and solve problems

– Analytical/technical mindset




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