Job at RSSB : Internal Auditor (Deadline: 23 October 2017)

Job at RSSB :  Internal Auditor  (Deadline: 23 October 2017)

Job at RSSB : Internal Auditor (Deadline: 23 October 2017)

Job Description

1.Conducting audit planning

?Participate in opening meetings with client to explain the scope and objectives of the audit engagement to client and provide an overview of all steps in the audit process
?Develop a thorough understanding of business processes in scope for assigned audits and document the processes in flowcharts and/or process narratives
?Identify and document inherent risks and controls within the business processes
2.Data collection from the field
?Assist Director of Internal Audit to develop a risk based test plan by selecting appropriate audit approach, test procedures
?Assist Director of Internal Audit to perform audit tests and prepare working papers in accordance with professional International Audit standards
?Evaluate the adequacy of process design and the effectiveness of controls in meeting RSSB and control objectives
?Identify and document control and process weaknesses and provide evidential support for findings
?Propose practical and value added recommendations to address control weaknesses and/or process inefficiencies
?Organize and reference work papers for review by Chief Internal Audit and Principal Internal Audit.
?Participate in closing meetings with audited staff at the end of fieldwork, providing clear explanations for identified issues
3.Analysis of information
?Verifies system reports against source records to determine reliability
?Assist Director of Internal Audit to verify the details of recorded transactions;
?Assist Director of Internal Audit to recommend ways to bring systems and operations into compliance goals and objectives
4.Assists the Audit division in Preparation of Audit reports
Assist Director of Internal Audit in the preparation of a concise and informative audit report to effectively communicate the findings and recommendations to the branch/department and senior management


Job Profile

1.Professional/Technical certificate (CPA, ACCA, CIA, etc) (Experience is Desirable)
2.Bachelor’s Degree/Licence (A0) in Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics or Business Administration (Experience is compulsory)
3.Master’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics or Business Administration (Experience is desirable or added advantage)
Public Service Values and Principles:
1. High standards of professional ethics and Secrecy
2. Efficient, effective and economic use of resources
3. Responsive, prompt, effective, impartial and equitable provision of services
4. Devotion and serving public interest
5. Accountability for administrative decisions
6. Transparency and provision to the public of timely and accurate information
7. Customer Care
8. Time management
9. Zero tolerance to corruption, rape and sexual harassment.
10. Decency and integrity.
Core Competencies Description:
1. Leadership
2. Integrity
3. Inclusiveness
4. Accountability
5. Communication
6. Professionalism
7. Clients/Citizen Focus
General Competencies Description:
1. Strategic Leadership and Orientation
2. Analytical Skills
3. Problem Solving
4. Decision Making
5. Time Management
6. Mentoring and Coaching
7. Resource Management
8. Teamwork
9. Project Management
10. Creativity/Innovation
11. Risk Management
12. Technology Awareness
13. Diplomacy




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